Aluminum melting furnace

Aluminum melting furnace

Aluminum melting furnace


Aluminum melting furnace

Aluminum melting furnace

Aluminum melting furnace introduction

Brightstar Aluminum Machinery Co., Ltd takes the air preheater regenerative burner technology that is widely used in the fields for aluminum melting furnace, preheating the air temperature to reach more than 800℃, exhaust gas temperature below 150 ℃,  achieving the high thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption, low CO2/NOx emission.

This technology is successful and reliable, safe and stable operation, easy and convenient maintenance. In addition, this air preheater regenerative melting furnace compare with the common burner melting furnace, there is a 30% energy saving effect.

Furnace body structure

Furnace body steel structure

Furnace walls were welded by a 10mm thickness steel plate (A235-A) and 18# channel steel stiffener, reinforced steel plate in the key part to prevent the deformation.

Its whole structure was designed especially for the casting production and process operation features. The practice proved the structure has good rigidity and strength.

Furnace body refractory materials

The melting furnace was designed as a rectangular structure; the average depth of aluminum liquid bath was 650mm. We choose different refractory materials for different parts of the furnace body properly. 

Bottom: Build by high alumina brick (LZ-75), Anti-alitizing castables, lightweight insulation bricks and aluminum silicate fiber.

Molten pool and slag line part: Build by high alumina brick (LZ-75), Anti-alitizing castables, lightweight insulation bricks, aluminum silicate fiber, calcium silicate board, medium-pressure asbestos. 

Sidewall above the slag line: Build by high alumina brick (LZ-75), Anti-alitizing castables, lightweight insulation bricks, aluminum silicate fiber, calcium silicate board, medium-pressure asbestos. 

Furnace top: Build by high-quality steel fiber refractory castables, aluminum silicate fiber, and lightweight refractory castables. The total thickness reaches 450mm.

Furnace door: Build by high-quality steel fiber refractory castables and calcium silicate board. 

Furnace doorway: Build by high-quality steel fiber refractory castables

Furnace door structure

The furnace is equipped with one lifting furnace door, which will be hanged on the chain wheel through the chain.

We use the motor reducer that is installed in the upper of the furnace door for the driving, soft-sealing with ceramic packing embedded in the door that can effectively prevent the thermal deformation.

The furnace lining will be made of castables and an anchoring hook, which has good performance for the resistance of thermal expansion and contraction.

Combustion system

Regenerative burning system includes air regenerative burner (including hot accumulator), air/gas reversing device, gas system, the air system, exhausting system, compressed air system and control system.

Regenerative burner

High efficiency, energy-saving regenerative burner is a single preheater regenerative burner, which can burn brightly to maximum save fuel.

The regenerator uses ceramic balls, with self-cleaning, anti-dust, anti-slag, small resistance, easy removal for the cleaning, repeating using, and high regenerating efficiency features.

Each regenerative burner is equipped with a small on-duty burner (it is a pilot burner), which is for restarting of a low-temperature big burner to keep the normal operation of the system.

Flame safety protection system consists of electronic ignition, flame detection, UV Flame controllers and other components.


Regenerator is a key component of high-temperature combustion technology.

It is the component of the most technical content and the expression of the level of industrial manufacturing, so the materials choosing to affect the miniaturization of regenerating devices, heat transfer efficiency and economic benefits. 

Air/Gas reversing device

Using 4 sets of one-way directional control valves, the temperature resistance is 200℃, the switching time is 1 time/min (can be adjusted), with the function of timing and forced commutation.

Gas system

This system is equipped with: gas pressure switches, pressure gauges, gas rapid cut-off valves, hand-operated valves, pipe steel structures and other components.

Air supply system

The air supply system consists of a blower, pressure switches, pressure gauges, air/gas valves, air supply pipe and other components.

Exhaust smoke system

The exhaust smoke system is divided into a main exhaust smoke pipe and an auxiliary exhaust smoke pipe.

The main exhaust smoke pipe consists of high-temperature exhauster, hot resistance, exhaust smoke pipe Etc. the exhauster’s temperature resistance is 200℃.

The auxiliary exhaust smoke pipe exhaust smoke level is about 10%-20% of the main exhaust pipe, with the regulating valves; can adjust the furnace pressure and auxiliary smoke level.

Compressed air system

The compressed air system is composed of pneumatic components, automatic valves and pipe ETC. (Gas source station will be offered by the buyer).

Regenerative burning system features

The maximum recovery of smoke and gas waste heat, the exhaust smoke temperature is less than or equal to 150℃.

Compare to the ordinary furnace that recovery the waste smoke, energy-saving can increase 25-35%.

Fuel burn in the air combustion, (flue gas oxygen content of 2 to 20%), reduces NOX resultant significantly in the furnace, NOX emissions level is down to 1000ppm, which reduces nitrogen oxide emissions 30-40% compared with the common burner. It can fully meet the national emission standard.

Uniform furnace temperature; improve the quality of heated products.

Control system

The using of PLC to achieve separate logic control; the local instruments can display the operating parameter of the devices and all alarming information. Provided manual operation control system, can be automatic/manual switching operation to keep the control system reliability.

Model  BS10T  BS20T  BS30T  BS40T  BS50T  BS70T
Overall dimension Length 2200 3000 3200 3500 3800 4800
Width 4200 5200 6400 7400 7800 8700
Height 3450 3500 3550 3600 3650 3650
Capacity(ton) 10+8% 20+10% 30+10% 40+10% 50+10% 70+10%
Furnace door size(mm) 1600×1300 2000×1300 3000×1300 3500×1300 4000×1300 5000×1300
Burner model(104Kcal/t) 250 300 350 200×2 sets 250×2 sets 350×2 sets
Total power(Kw) 40.5 60.5 92.5 149 178.5 224.5
Melting speed(t/H) 2~3 4~5 5~6 6~7 7~8 9~10
Natural gas consumption(m3/t)  60~65 65~70 65~70 65~70 70~75 70~75
Aoo aluminum ingot burning loss ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5%

Aluminum melting furnace features

* Improve the melting rate

* Pre-treatment of metal

* Reduce the dross in the machine

* Less maintenance

* Reasonable price

* High performance

* Long life

* Less time need to achieve alloy composition

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