Bag impulse dust collector

Bag impulse dust collector

Bag impulse dust collector


Aluminium industry bag impulse dust collector 

Bag impulse dust collector

Bag impulse dust collector is one kind of advanced high-efficiency dust collector, which is based on traditional dust collector technology, introduced from Germany technology, developed with China actual situations.

This type of dust collector combines chamber back blow dedusting system and impulse jet dust collectors, overcome the shortcomings of not enough Kinetic energy in back blow dedusting and filtration and cleaning at the same time in impulse jet process.  

Our system adopts high energy fraction structure cleaning and off-line cleaning, featured with high strength cleaning, fast speed and short cycle time, so it makes our dust collector increase adaptability, improves the cleaning efficiency, prolongs the bag using life.

The Gas dust concentration after our system can fully meet the new environmental protection standard.

The impulse dust collector adopts compartment off-blast impulse spraying cleaning technology, overcome normal impulse dust collector and compartment backflushing dust collector shortcomings. 

The impulse dust collector has strong cleaning ability, high efficiency for dust removal, low emission concentration, small air leakage rate, low energy consumption, small floor space, stable and reliable operation, good economic returns.

Equipment structure 

Mainly by top box body, middlebox body, dust hopper, air intake tube, filter bag, blowing device, discharging device and other components.


A large number of the application shows that this pulse technology has high reliability and excellent performance.

This pulse dust collector has been widely used in the world. It can be applied to metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical, electric power, light industry, dusty gas purification and recycling of materials.


1 No need for pre-dedusting equipment, can process up to 1000g/m3 concentration smoke dust, emissions less than 50g/m3, the technical process is a simple and easy operation.

2 No need blowing pipe in the bag, convenient changing bag outside of the machine

3 Embedded elastic pocket, good sealing performance

4 Small quantity of impulse valves, high cleaning strength, quick action.

5 The whole machine adopts microcomputer automatic control, easy to adjust various parameters.

6 Filter bag lifetime is more than 2 years, easy for insulation, examining and repairing.

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