Aluminum liquid transfer ladle preheater

Aluminum liquid transfer ladle preheater

Aluminum liquid transfer ladle preheater


Aluminum liquid transfer ladle preheater

Aluminum liquid transfer ladle preheater

Description of aluminum liquid transfer ladle preheater 

Aluminium liquid transfer ladle preheater uses natural gas or oil or electricity as the fuel, heat the transfer ladle through the burner on the top of the machine to achieve the transfer ladle preheating.

The machine can guarantee the liquid aluminium temperature of the transfer ladle; improve products quality and production efficiency.

It is a good partner for molten aluminum transfer ladle. 


Preheating of empty molten aluminum transfer ladle.

This system is designed with an independent combustion safety device and an automatic interlock system.  

Automatic ignition and flame detection device, as device running situation is ready, air blast blow out first, then the main burner will start to work automatically through ignition transformer, the flame detection device detect the flame automatically. 

The safety system can cut off the supply of gas in the situation of burner incomplete combustion or no work. 

The interlock device will be equipped between gas and air pipe pressure switch, so which can drive shutoff valve of fuel supply through interlock device response in abnormal cases.

Main technical parameter

Burner type:  Max 100,000.00Kcal/hr

Fuel: Natural gas

Heating power: 8,500Kcal/NM3, Supply pressure: 5KPA

High-pressure air: 0.4-0.6MPA

Total power 3 phases 380V 50HZ, can be made according to customer request.

Main features

1. Automatic ignition and heating, preheating temperature and time can be set freely. High combustion efficiency and fast heating speed;

2. Adopt brand burner or heater, stable performance and long service life;

3. Heating and lifting can be controlled automatically, easy and simple operation;

4. Natural gas, LPG or electricity and other energy can be used for fuel;

5. Equipped with multiple safety detection devices, gas pressure, flame detection,, ignition abnormal alarm;

6. Heat insulation cover adopt high strength refractory whole castable, good thermal insulation effect;

7. Can be used for different capacity transfer ladle;

8. Can be customized according to your transfer ladle diameter and your request.

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