Automatic molten aluminium refining degassing machine

Automatic molten aluminium refining degassing machine


Automatic molten aluminium refining degassing machine

Automatic molten aluminium refining degassing machine

Molten aluminium degassing machine

Molten aluminium refining machine

Automatic molten aluminium refining degassing machine is special equipment designed and manufactured by our company to refine aluminum liquid.

The device is driven by a motor to drive a graphite rotor immersed in a crucible, and high-purity nitrogen gas is feed into the aluminum liquid through a graphite rotor.

The refining agent can be charged to the aluminum liquid through an external powder feeding device.

The aluminum liquid and nitrogen or argon and the refining agent achieve the purpose of degassing and slag removal under the certain rotation of the graphite rotor.


Automatic molten aluminium refining degassing machine is suitable for the refining of aluminum liquid in the crucible, molten pool and transfer ladle.

Applicable furnace diameter Φ200-1700mm, furnace depth 500-1000mm, can also be designed according to the requirements.

The equipment has the advantages of reliable operation, easy operation, easy maintenance, convenient graphite rotor replacement, etc.

It is ideal equipment for aluminum liquid refining in aluminum casting factories.

Degassing principle

Hydrogen has a high solubility in aluminum liquid, which reduces the physical properties and machinability of castings. To cast high-quality castings, the hydrogen content of the aluminum liquid must be kept at a low level.

The small rotor of the degassing refining equipment can effectively disperse the inert gas into small bubbles, which are evenly dispersed and floated in the aluminum liquid.

The partial pressure of hydrogen in the aluminum liquid is higher than that in the bubble, and the hydrogen gas will diffuse into the inert gas and float up to the liquid surface with the bubble, thereby effectively reducing the hydrogen content in the aluminum liquid.

At the same time, the floating bubbles bring the fine inclusions in the aluminum liquid to the surface of the aluminum liquid and are captured and removed by the covering agent.

Technical data

ITEM Technical data Note




Refining gas

Purity % ≥99.996



High purity nitrogen or argon

Moisture content ppm ≤ 3
O2 ppm ≤ 5
Pressure MPa 0.1-0.6 adjustable
Flow m3/h 0~2.5 adjustable



Power supply

Phase 3  
Voltage 415±10%  
Hz 50  
Total power kW < 3  
Arm lifting motor KW 1.1 Arm lifting
Rotating motor KW 1.1 Shaft rotation
Baffle lifting motor KW 0.2 Graphite baffle lifting
Powder charging  motor  KW 0.2 Powder charging
Graphite rotor rotating speed  r/min 0~600 Adjustable
Refining degassing time min 0~99 Adjustable
Liquid aluminum temperature ℃ 640-850  
Processing liquid aluminum quantity kg ≥300 One time
Graphite rotation shaft size Dia Φ 80  
Length 750  
Graphite rotor size Dia Φ 180  
Length 52  


Graphite baffle size

Length mm 600  
Width mm 90  
Thickness mm 52  
Quantity 1  
Weight kgs 550-600    

Molten aluminium refining degassing machine and equipment made by Brightstar Aluminum Machinery Co., Ltd.

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