Aluminum scrap baling press

Aluminum scrap baling press

Aluminum scrap baling press


Aluminum scrap baling press

Aluminum scrap baling press

Aluminum scrap baling press is mainly applied to the processing metal scrap (such as Metal scrap, steel shaving, steel scrap, aluminum scrap Etc).

Pressing the scrap materials to different compressed shapes for the melting, which can reduce the transportation and melting cost. 

It is the perfect auxiliary equipment for metal scrap recycling.


80T,100T,135T, 160T, can be customized according to the request.

80T Main data

Nominal pressure:  80T

Max worktable pressure: 20mpa

Materials box size  L*W*H  1200mm*500mm*300mm

Mass Max size  W*H :  500*300 mm

Operation mode: Manual (Each action is controlled by the manual)

Main cylinder

Working pressure:  120Mpa

Inner cylinder Diameter: φ250

Piston rod diameter: φ140

Stroke:  1450

Forward pressing speed: 30 mm/S

Returning speed: 43 mm/S

Oil pump: 80YCY14-IB

Oil pump motor: 18KW

Top pressing cover

Pressure: 30T

Working pressure: 12Mpa

Inner cylinder diameter: φ160

Piston rod diameter: φ90

Opening cover speed: 60mm/s

Lifting door parts

Pressure: 4T

Working pressure: 120Mpa

Inner cylinder diameter: φ800

Piston rod diameter: φ40   

Opening speed: 80 mm/S

100T Aluminum scrap baling press

Overall size

Materials box size(scraps baling):L1250mm*W550mm*h560mm;

Machine overall size   L3863mm*W1950mm*H1500mm;

Hydraulic system as following

1. The motor power is 18.5KW; the oil pump is a Shaoyang plunger pump (high-pressure pump);

2. Solenoid valve is Huade hydraulic parts including electromagnetic hydraulic reversing valve 3 sets; electromagnetic overflow 1 piece; 1 check valve; 2 tubular throttle valves; 1 set of pressure switch/pressure gauge; 1 piece of liquid level gauge T120 and filter mesh pieces etc.

3. The main cylinder diameter is 300mm; the piston rod diameter is 250mm; the working pressure is 21mpa; the stroke is 1450mm; the forward speed is 30mm/s; the pressing pressure is 80T;

4. The top pressing cover portion, the top pressing cover cylinder diameter is 180 mm; the piston rod diameter is 100 mm; the opening speed is 60 mm/s; the shear pressure position is 30 T;

5. The lifting door part, the cylinder diameter is HOB125 type; the piston rod diameter is 60mm; the lifting speed is 80mm;

The baled scrap weight is about 35-55 kgs per piece. About 4 tons per 8 hours.

The above is a fully automatic control system.

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