Automatic aluminium billet cutting saw

Automatic aluminium billet cutting saw

Automatic aluminium billet cutting saw,


Automatic aluminium billet cutting saw

Automatic aluminium billet cutting saw

Aluminium billet cutting saw, aluminium billet saw

Automatic  aluminium billet cutting saw description:

Automatic aluminium billet saw can achieve manual loading, feeding, power-driven cut to length, cutting, discharging, feeding, aluminum billets entering into the frame mechanically by motor driving, cutting chips recovery functions. 

This machine has simple operation, safe and functional, high production efficiency features.

Aluminium billets cutting system project

Automatic aluminium billet cutting saw technical parameter

Equipment dimension: L 15,000mmx3500mmx2500mm

The cutting log diameter: Φ200-Φ305 mm

Cut to length range: 6500mm adjustable, cut to length tolerance +/-1mm

Max clamp force:  400mm adjustable

Cutting stroke 500mm

Cutting speed stepless speed

Cutting chips dust collecting and recovery device

Equipment dimension                

L1500mm XW1000mm XH3000mm

Hydraulic station: 2 sets

Automatic Aluminum billet cutting saw main parts

Storage platform, (conveying device) conveying rack and roller, cutting station, pressing framework, cut to length framework, discharging framework, discharging rack, cutting chips recovery device, hydraulic system, electrical control system ETC composition.

Multi billets aluminium billet cutting system

Aluminum billet cutting for shot billet

Aluminum billet cutting machine

Inspection matters before automatic aluminium billet cutting saw using

1. Check the hydraulic oil is clean or not, enough oil by level gauge before the starting up

2 The blades is set securely and no loose, no defect and no aluminum residue nipped in the saw tooth

Automatic aluminum billet cutting saw operation steps

1.  Confirm all works in the attentions are ready

2   The order buttons in the operation panel have the clear mark and should have the corresponding action instructions

3. Manual operation loading: move one piece of original aluminum log from storage rack to the conveying roller

Brightstar Aluminum machinery, automatic and high-efficiency aluminium billet cutting saw supplier.

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