Aluminum dross machine

Aluminum dross machine


Aluminum dross machine

Aluminum dross machine

Aluminum dross machine is a must if you want to increase aluminum recovery rate in scrap recycling. 
Aluminum dross recovery situation
The recycled aluminum  (secondary aluminum) industry developed very quickly in recent years.
Aluminum dross quantity generated in the recycled aluminum industry will be shared as 15-20% of feeding materials for the aluminum melting.
How to process aluminum dross to maximize profit and minimize pollution is the key problem for recycled aluminum factories, so what kind of equipment and technology will be adopted is very important for the dross processing?
The recycled aluminum industry uses aluminum scraps as the raw materials for melting, the other ingredients will be added after raw materials melt to get the alloy, which complies with the national standard alloy requirement.

In the melting production process, because aluminum scrap contains stainless steel, copper, iron, oxides and other impurities, it will generate a certain quantity of aluminum dross in the production.

Aluminum metal in the aluminum dross can share 18-75% of the total aluminum dross quantity.

There will be lots of aluminum dross generated in the melting process, who contains a large amount of aluminum from aluminum melting furnace.
If we sell them with simple dross processing, that will cause a big waste and also it pollutes the environment.  
But if we use a rotary furnace, grinding and sieving by cold dross, pressing and manpower dross processing,  these methods not only have low recovery rate but also a big waste and it is harmful to the environment.  
So it is particularly important to maximize the recovery of aluminum from the aluminum dross and slag.
Aluminum dross machine analysis
Aluminum dross machine is a special machine designed for separating aluminum from aluminum dross and aluminum slag, which is one necessary machine in aluminum dross recovery.
Aluminum dross processing is also one important procedure in aluminum scrap recovery industry
Aluminum dross machine can make full use of the aluminum dross with high aluminum recovery rate and replace the old way for recycling by manpower.
It is featured with separating the aluminum and dross by one time, high efficiency for recycling rate(90% of aluminum from the dross), short working time, low energy consumption, eco friendly and no need any fuel in the process.
The whole machine is fully automatic in a mechanical working way and its efficiency is increased 15% compared with the manual way.
Aluminum melting principle
Aluminum melting point is 660℃ light alloy.   When the temperature of aluminum gets more than 660℃, all aluminum will become liquid aluminum and can be separated from the dross.
Working principle
Aluminum dross machine is designed on the basis of the difference of physical property and the specific gravity between solid materials and liquid materials.
Aluminum dross machine structure
Heatproof pot, stirrer, lifting rack, dross trolley and control electrical box, dust collector.

Aluminum dross machine equipment is mainly applied for the treatment of high-temperature aluminum dross on the furnace site.

The purpose is to recover the metal aluminum from hot aluminum dross, reduce the loss and reduce material costs, increase the profit.

The working principle of the aluminum dross machine is to increase the temperature of high-temperature aluminum dross evenly by stirring, and to make the aluminum dross move to generate friction through stirring and moving, destroying the oxide film coated on the outside of the aluminum liquid, so that the aluminum liquid is collected and discharged.

The dross stirring system is the core of the whole set of equipment, which undertakes the tasks of heating up the aluminum dross and separating the aluminum from the aluminum dross.

It is mainly composed of the frame, guard plate, heatproof pot, shaft, stirrer, transmission, reducer and motor.

The frame plays a supporting role, in order to facilitate transportation and container loading, the top and bottom separate structures are adopted, and the guard plates play the role of the enclosure.

The heatproof pot is fixed on the bottom frame, and the pot is provided with a liquid aluminum discharging hole, the dross outlet and an opening and closing device for the dross outlet.

The stirring device is set on the top frame, and the stirring device is driven by the motor through the belt to the cycloid reducer.

The cycloid reducer is directly connected with the stirring reducer. The output shaft of the stirring reducer can be lifted up and down, and the output shaft drives the stirrer rotates and stirs in the operation.

The dust collector system includes the collection hood, pipeline, fan, cyclone dust collector, water mist dust collector, baghouse dust collector, and can be equipped with dry or wet dust removal or dry-wet mixed dust removal according to the standards of environmental protection requirements, and can meet the emission standards.

The cooling system is to cool the dross after the processing to achieve the condition of bagging to avoid burning again.

The cooling system adopts a water-cooled drum structure, and the discharge temperature is below 60°C.

The cooling system and the dross pot of the aluminum dross machine are directly connected through the launder, and the dust removal system is shared with aluminum dross machine, which can be selected by the customers according to the situation

Aluminum dross machine can be called a magic weapon for aluminum dross processing, and it is being applied by thousands of alloys factories, scrap recycling factories, secondary aluminum production factories, casting factories and extrusion factories, etc.

Aluminum dross machine features
& No need for any fuel in the whole process
& To reduce the dirt, smog pollution problem with dirt and smoke ventilation equipment.
& Automatic mechanical operation, no harmful to the operator’s health.
& High efficiency for recycling rate(90% of aluminum from the dross), short working time (10-12 minutes for finish the separating of  200kgs-650kgs aluminum and dross)
& Small investment, big processing capacity. 500kgs-2,600kgs aluminum dross processing capacity per hour.
& Low production cost
& No pollution. The cyclone dust collector can avoid pollution and meet the requirement of environmental protection
& Make full use of aluminum dross.
The liquid aluminum recovered from aluminum dross can be used for the melting. 
The secondary aluminum dross stored and urgently needed to be processed by the enterprise is the secondary aluminum dross.

The main component of the aluminum dross is aluminum oxide.

At present, many comprehensive utilization methods of aluminum dross have been developed at home and abroad for the recovery of aluminum dross.

Aluminium Dross Machine FAQ

How much aluminium is recovered which can be charged back into melting furnace?

More than 90% aluminum metal can be extracted from aluminium dross, cast as aluminium ingot, or be charged back into melting furnace.

Can this be used for both hot and cold aluminium dross?

Our aluminium dross machine is only for hot dross, which can extract more than 90% aluminium from hot dross. 

If it is for cold dross, aluminium dross pulverizer, dross sieving and magnetic separator can be applied for small quantity cold dross, for big quantity, ball mill and sieving system can be applied.

Contact us now for your dross processing solution.

Can this be used for both white and black dross?

Yes, our aluminum dross machine can be used for both white and black dross, which means it is for hot dross from primary or secondary melting processes.

White dross is formed during the primary Al refining process, while black dross is formed during the secondary refining process, which uses relatively large amounts of Chloride salt fluxes.

White dross is formed during the primary production of aluminum and contains a high percentage of an aluminum substance such as Al, Al2O3, and it is delivered from essential and optional aluminum flux. White dross consists of a greater amount of metallic aluminum substance, i.e., 15 to 75% and < 5% salts. It consists of fine powder separated from the liquid aluminum.

Black dross consists of a small amount of metal substance and is created at the time of the secondary aluminum refining processes. Black dross involves a mix of aluminum oxides and slag, with recoverable aluminum content in the range of 12%–18%. More salt substance, e.g., > 40%, stood out from the white dross.

What are the products and the residue material after the dross processing?

Aluminum is found in the dross mainly as metal aluminum, aluminum nitride and aluminum oxide. In addition, the dross contains minor amounts of oxides and other components of Ti, Cu, Fe, Ca, Zn, S, K and Na. content.

After the dross processing, the main components are aluminum oxide and aluminum nitride.

What is the processing capacity of your dross machines?

Our aluminium dross machine can process 100-500 kgs hot dross per run based on different models, 10-12 minutes mechanical processing per run, no need any chemical flux.

What is the recovery rate of your dross machine?

More than 90% aluminium from hot aluminium dross.

Give one example, 100kgs hot aluminium dross, if 40kgs aluminium in the dross, 36kgs aluminum can be extracted with our machine. 

Then the dross can be cooled with the dross cooling machine to avoid aluminum burning in natural cooling, ball mill and sieving for secondary recovery, which can increase aluminium recovery rate.

What is the energy consumption and cost of operation?

Our aluminum dross machine does not need any fuel in the operation, mainly make full use of the residual heating from aluminium dross, mechanical stirring for the aluminum extraction, liquid aluminium will be separated based on the difference of physical property and the specific gravity between solid materials and liquid materials.

The installed capacity of our aluminum dross machine is  7.75KW,10KW,12KW for different models.

Do you use only mechanical processing for extracting aluminum or use salt fluxes?

Our aluminum dross machine can extract aluminum with fully mechanical stirring.

We don’t need to add any chemical flux to recover aluminum from aluminum dross.

But if the dross temperature is not hot enough, we can put some heating flux to quickly heat the dross temperature to get a better recovery rate.

Is there any hazardous waste / dust produced? Any environmental problems?

No, 90% aluminum can be extracted from hot dross by our aluminum dross machine, the main components are aluminum oxide and aluminum nitride.

Our aluminum dross processing machine is equipped with a cyclone dust collector.

For aluminium dross processing, cooling, ball mill and sieving system, we can connect it with baghouse dust collector for environment protection and it is eco-friendly.

Are these machines suitable for aluminium remelt facilities (secondary)? We have plants which produce between 10 -100 MT/day both primary and secondary.

Yes, our aluminium dross processing machine can be applied for primary and secondary melting.

Our aluminium dross processing system is workable for 10-100 MT/day both primary and secondary, our dross machine can extract 90% aluminium from hot aluminium dross, then quick cooling to avoid the burning, crush and grind the dross with ball mill, then sieve it to different grades for the recycling. There is still 5-10% aluminium in the big powder aluminium dross and it can be charged back in rotary furnace or melting furnace.

What is the cost of your aluminium dross machines?

The cost is related to your project request, in general, for aluminium dross machine, 5,000.00-30,000.00USD will be costed for different models.

If you need the dross cooling, ball mill and sieving system for your project, or an integrated aluminium dross processing system, the cost will be more.  

A reliable No-obligation quote can be made upon your request.

Have you supplied aluminum dross machine to India before?

Yes, we supplied more than 50 sets of aluminum dross machines to Indian market.

Some machines are still running and we have some successful projects cases there.

Contact us now and the project cases information can be sent for your reference.

What’s the material of construction for stirrer & dross trolley?  

Stirrer of dross machine:  grey cast iron with special heat treatment;

Dross trolley, it is made of steel plate.

What is the service life of stirrer and dross trolley?

For the stirrer, the service life is 3-12 months up to the processing quantity and the operation;

For the dross trolley, the service life is 6-24 months up to the processing quantity and the operation

For the pot, the service life is 24-60 months up to the processing quantity and the operation.

What are the spare parts for aluminium dross machine?

The main spare parts are the stirrer and dross trolley.  Some customers would like to get one extra heatproof pot for backup. 

Our suggestion is it is better to buy 4-6 pieces stirrer and 4 pieces dross trolley with the machine order for one and half year use.

How many containers for the shipment if we order aluminum dross machine?

In general, it is a full container load (FCL) shipment.

For 1 set of aluminum dross machine, one 20FT container is needed for the shipment. 

If it is 2 sets aluminum dross machine, one 40FT container is required for the loading.

The extra spare parts can be loaded with the machine.

What is your trade term for dross machine?

FOB Foshan, FOB Guangzhou or FOB Shenzhen China

C&F your port and CIF your port can be offered

What is your lead time for aluminium dross machine?

It is 35 days, the order follow-up can be offered from our sales representative after we get your order and your advance payment, your order production information and the estimated delivery date can be confirmed.

What is your guarantee period for aluminium dross machine?

It is one year, excluding the wearing parts and spare parts (stirrer, dross trolley and pot)

What is your payment term?

T/T or L/C

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