Aluminium dross pulverizer

Aluminium dross pulverizer

Aluminium dross pulverizer


Aluminium dross pulverizer

Aluminium dross pulverizer


Can be a general pulverizer or drum type pulverizer

Working principle and function

Aluminium dross pulverizer was developed to crush the mass aluminium dross when aluminium dross going through the pressure iron roller for recycling.

Technical parameter

Size: W300mmXL1000X1200mm
Power: 2.2kw motor

Aluminium dross drum pulverizer working principle

Aluminium dross will be broken through the hexagonal drum, the iron ball will be rotating at high speed for the crushing.

The broken aluminium dross is easy for recycling.

The dust in the drum rotating will be collected into the bag by the side fan and the aluminium dross will stay in the drum.

Aluminium dross drum pulverizer feature

Environment-friendly, no dust, high efficiency, simple operation.

Technical parameter

The overall size: W 1300mm L 2200mm H 1100mm

Hexagonal roller size: Diameter 700mm Length 1000mm (10mm steel plate)

Power: 3KW 6 levels motor

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