Aluminium dross rotary furnace

Aluminium dross rotary furnace

Aluminium dross rotary furnace


Aluminium dross rotary furnace

Aluminium dross rotary furnace

Aluminium dross rotary furnace is one kind of necessary equipment in the aluminum dross processing of recycled aluminum industry, which is one important part that reflects operation cost and profit of aluminum scraps recycling. 

In the primary and secondary aluminum industry, aluminum scraps and aluminum ingot are melted in the melting furnace to get liquid aluminum, and a certain amount of aluminum dross is also generated.

Generally speaking, the direct recovery rate from the furnace is roughly 88%-92% due to the different aluminum scrap materials.

A considerable amount of aluminum metal is mixed in the aluminum dross, and the aluminum dross skimming out of the furnace contains between 40-60% aluminum metal.

As for the recovery equipment for aluminum dross treatment, there are generally several types of equipment such as crucibles, vertical dross separator machine and rotary furnace.

The crucible has low investment and simple operation and is widely used in small-scale manufacturers.

However, the disadvantages are very obvious, mainly in the following points: 1. The labor intensity is high, because the capacity of the ground furnace is small, and the efficiency of dross recovery is low. To process large quantities of aluminum dross, a large number of workers must be increased.

2. The recycling cost is high, and crucible, carbon coke, heating agent and other consumables are needed to process aluminum dross.

3. Fully manual operation, the recovery rate is uncontrollable.

4. The environmental protection is not up to standard, because there are many crucibles, it is not easy to apply the baghouse dust collector, resulting in dust flying all over the sky, the health of workers cannot be guaranteed, and at the same time polluting the workshop and surrounding environment.

The vertical dross separator machine is another effective machine for dross processing.

It adopts mechanized operation, automatic operation and less maintenance, with a dust collector.

The processing capacity (100-500KG per run), 10-15 minutes processing time, and more than 90% aluminium recovery rate. 

Separate structure, top and bottom parts for the installation and transportation and maintenance.

Compare with the rotary furnace, the investment is less and the processing quantity is not so big as the rotary furnace.

Also, it can only process hot dross generated from the furnaces, not cold dross.

The rotary furnace is suitable for mass processing of hot dross, cold dross and aluminum dross containing big iron scraps.

The staffing is small, and only one skilled forklift operator and one auxiliary worker are needed.

It can process several tons to dozens of tons of hot and cold aluminum dross a day, and the work efficiency is extremely high.

The hot aluminum dross skimmed out from the furnace is sent into the rotary furnace with a rotary forklift, and the aluminum liquid in the aluminum dross can be separated by using the reverse rotation of the rotary furnace and the back and forth stirring of the forklift rake.

During the operation, attention should be paid to controlling the temperature, can add cold dross or small pieces of cast aluminum as temperature control agent and secondary refining.

After the treatment is completed, tilt the body of the rotary furnace with a hydraulic oil cylinder to pour out the aluminum liquid.

After the aluminum liquid is poured, rotate the body of the rotary furnace to unload the dross.

The operation is simple and convenient.

The recovery rate of rotary furnace can reach more than 80%.

If it can work together with the dross cooling and sieving machine, the comprehensive recovery rate can reach more than 90%.

Rotary furnace and dross cooling and sieving machine are ideal equipment to process aluminum dross and cold dross in large quantities.

Due to the centralized treatment, the generated dust and smoke generated in the dross processing with rotary furnace is convenient for centralized collection, which truly achieves energy saving and environmental protection.

Aluminium dross rotary furnace technical parameter

1 Rotary furnace dross capacity and rotating speed

4.5 tons-5 tons aluminum dross can be done for 5 tons rotary furnace each time (in of them, hot aluminum dross is about 3.5T- 4 T, the rest is cold dross), rotating speed: 1.5-2 R/Min

2 Processing time of rotary furnace

It will take 2- 4 hours to finish the processing.

The time will be different from the proportion of cold dross and hot dross.

3 Rotary furnace recovery rate ≥80﹪( the aluminum content in the hot aluminum dross is about 40-60%)

4 installed capacity 18.5Kw

Aluminium dross rotary furnace operation musts

1 Must check the refueling of rotary furnace supporting rollers often, equipped with oil pump for the machine, press “pump on” button in the control cabinet, the refueling pump can refuel at the time setting. If the refueling pump is damaged, change it to manual refuel, the refueling time interval is no more than one week.

2 Must check often the chain of rotary furnace main motor and foot bolts loose or not, If loose, should tight them immediately.

3 Must check upper and lower limit wheels of rotary furnace often, should turn with the rotary furnace rotation. If not, replace them immediately.

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