Fully integrated automatic aluminium dross processing system

Fully integrated automatic aluminium dross processing system


Fully integrated automatic aluminium dross processing system

Fully integrated automatic aluminium dross processing system

Number of operators for this dross processing system

This equipment requires 1-2 operators to run.

One worker operates the equipment and one worker operate a forklift to cooperate with the operation.

Two operators can coordinate and intersect the operation to run this equipment (forklifts transport hot aluminum dross and replace fine particles ton bags, etc.).

Processing capacity

For the most popular model dross processing system, 300kgs-350kgs per pot, the processing time of each pot of aluminum dross of our machine is 5-7 minutes, calculated as 7 minutes, plus the transfer time and forklift operation time, then each pot is about 15 minutes.

For the most popular model dross processing system, 300kgs-350kgs per pot, the processing time of each pot of aluminum dross of our machine is 5-7 minutes, calculated as 7 minutes, plus the transfer time and forklift operation time, then each pot is about 15 minutes.

That is, 4 pots of hot aluminum dross are processed per hour, and the processing capacity per hour is ≈ (300-350kgs*4=1.2T-1.4T). If calculated according to 8 hours of work per day, the calculation is as follows:

Each day≈(1.2-1.4*8≈9.6T-11.2T) Each month≈(9.6-11.2*28≈268T-314T) Each year≈(268-314*12≈3216T-3768T)

Guaranteed performance value of the whole set of equipment:

Processing capacity: 3000-5000 tons/year

Cooling capacity: more than 900kgs/time, dross temperature ≤60°C;

Single processing time: ≤10 minutes (generally 7 minutes)

Noise: ≤80dB (individual dust collection port may be greater than 80dB)

The pot life: 1-2 years (depending on actual usage)

Process explanation

Skimming out the aluminum dross from the melting furnace and putting it into a special pot for the automatic aluminum dross machine.

Then use a forklift sends the hot aluminum dross to be processed to the main machine of automatic aluminum dross processing machine, and start the equipment for high-speed processing.

The aluminum metal and the hot dross are separated by stirring the equipment with different specific gravity.

Before the stirring starts, according to the temperature state of the hot aluminum dross, the operator decides to stir directly or add heating flux to make the hot dross in a proper temperature for stirring.

After the hot aluminum dross is taken out of the smelting furnace, it will be stored for a long time, and the temperature of the aluminum dross will drop below 650°C. It is necessary to add a heating flux for stirring and separation to get a better recovery rate.

The separated hot dross is automatically transferred and overturned to the dross cooler for cooling through the transfer and turnover device.

After fully cooling the hot dross, the temperature is cooled from about 700°C to about 60°C, and then flows into the sieving machine, and is divided into three types of products, one is powder below 2mm; one is 2mm~10mm particles; the other is a block above 10mm.

The powder and block enter the ton bag or iron box; the particles are sent to the cold dross feeder machine for recycling, and the excess is put into the ton bag.

Equipment description

1. This device uses the thermite reaction of alumina (hot dross) generated in the aluminum melting furnace to separate alumina dross (hot residual dross) and aluminum liquid by stirring the blades with different specific gravity methods, and flows the aluminum liquid into the steel ingot mold.

After the residual aluminum dross is cooled, it can be taken out from the iron box (Ton bag);

2. The device is composed of a hot aluminium dross pot, a mechanical room with a rotating blade structure, a transfer and turning over transfer device, a hydraulic power device, a cooling and sieving device, related conveying devices, and a control box for controlling transmission;

3. Features of this system:

The double blades (one main blade and two auxiliary blades) used in the aluminum dross processing machine are practical and new solutions to improve the mixing efficiency.

Two hydraulic cylinders are used to move the blades up and down.

Change the previous chain drive method, improve the material of the bearing bush, eliminate the vulnerable parts, and realize the short-term and high-efficiency processing through the advanced structure of the pot and the blade.

At the same time, the processed residual dross is put into the cloth bag in the iron box through the sieving mechanism.

The equipment is all installed on the ground to facilitate the cleaning of the overall equipment;

4. Adopting the concept of “dross stirring + cooling + primary sieving + circular processing”, which essentially changes the recovery rate of aluminum in aluminum dross and greatly improves the purity of coarse particles that need to be returned to the furnace;

5. There are inspection access for interlocking, driving, and rotating parts of the equipment, and dust collector ports are connected to dust-prone parts (main machine, transfer and overturning, primary sieving, scraper end and bucket elevator, five in total).

Fully integrated automatic aluminium dross processing system main part:

1. High-speed hot aluminum dross (slag) processor: recover more than 85% aluminum from the dross(slag)

2. Residual dross moving and turning device: moving and turning after the dross processing and extracting

3. Dross cooling device: quick cooling hot dross after the processing (circulating water cooling)

4. Aluminium dross grading and sieving device: aluminium dross that has been processed will be separated into different grades.

Automatic Aluminium dross processor

Extract aluminium from hot dross, double blades stirrer, movable pot

1. Using a movable pot, only need to process the aluminum dross once;

2. Double blades and special technology ensure that the yield of extracted metal aluminum is increased by about 10% than before, reaching 85% (±5);

3. The hydraulic structure of blade lifting has a low failure rate and more convenient operation;

4. The overall sealing of the equipment is good, and the opening for stirring is small, so the integration effect is remarkable.

Transfer and tilting mechanism

Hot dross in the pot is processed by an automatic aluminium dross processor and transferred, and the residual dross is turned over and poured into dross cooling machine

1. The equipment has good airtightness and a smoke collecting port on the top to avoid dust flying;

2. The motor chain drive mode is adopted to reduce the workload of the forklift;

3. The operation is simple, automatically cut off and transfer, move forward and backward.

Medium particle circulation system

Quickly adjust the temperature of aluminum dross, reduce burning loss and increase aluminum recovery rate.

1. Improve the working environment and reduce manual workload;

2. The automatic input of cold material is large, the cooling effect is remarkable, and the mechanical transmission improves safety;

3. High transmission efficiency and the enclosed structure of the fuselage reduces dust flying;

4. The surplus medium particles are automatically packed into the bag, and the sealed structure prevents dust from flying.

Dross cooling machine

Cool the dross automatically for the processed dross, sprayed on the top, and the bottom is equipped with a sink, so that the water does not leak, cleaner and safer.      

1.No need to dig pits;

2. Forward for cooling and reverse for dross discharging;

3. Unique design with ball milling function, the effect is obvious, and the integrated structure has low energy consumption;       

Sieving system

The cooled aluminum dross is screened out by the vibrating screen and divided into three types: large, medium and small.

1. Good air tightness and little dust spillage.

2. Less energy consumption, low noise, and long screen life.

3. High screening precision, large processing capacity and simple structure.

4. The process of replacing the screen is simple and the equipment is easy to operate.

5. Reasonable matching of screens can achieve a variety of products with different specifications at the same time.

6. Fully enclosed structure, automatic discharge, convenient maintenance, more suitable for assembly line operation.

7. All incoming materials are automatically discharged, and there is no stock in the machine.

8. Remove particles of different sizes in a large number of mixed materials for rapid separation.

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