Aluminum profile wrapping machine

Aluminum profile wrapping machine

Aluminum profile wrapping machine


Aluminum profile wrapping machine

Aluminum profile wrapping machine

Machine description 

Aluminum profile wrapping machine is for finished aluminum profile packaging with paper or plastic wrapping, which can protect the surface of aluminum profile and avoid damage in the transportation and storage.

Aluminum profile packaging machine is specially designed for aluminum profile manufacturers, which has a nice appearance, low noise, strong and uniform packaging for aluminum profile, simple operation features.

Standard packing for the bundles and can be adjustable according to your request.

The wrapping speed and the conveying speed can be adjusted according to your aluminum extrusion and your requirement.

Technical parameter

 1. Packing motor Y100L-6-1.5KW

⒉Feeding motor JWB-0.37X-60D

⒊Feeding direction (specify when order)

⒋Power applied three-phase 380V AC 50HZ, can be tailor-made for the customers

⒌Worm wheel gearbox WP46.5   I=1:10  M=3

⒍Packing turnplate rotating speed 97/149 r/min

⒎Packaging paper distance 27~210mm

⒏Packaging paper width  less than 200mm


Aluminum profile wrapping machine can not only improve the production efficiency, save the cost, but also make the finished aluminum profile more perfect and make your products with your brand and logo on the packaging.

Not only aluminum profile wrapping machine, but also aluminum profile film applicator, aluminum profile hot shrink packaging machine, aluminum profile automatic bagging machine, automatic film sticking machine for our customers. 

Completed solution for your aluminum extrusion packaging, one-stop service and package deal.

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