Aluminum extrusion press

Aluminum extrusion press

Aluminum extrusion press


Aluminum extrusion press

Aluminum extrusion press

Brightstar aluminum extrusion press is a four-column horizontal hydraulic press.

It is a professional hydraulic extrusion machine for extruding building aluminum profiles and industrial aluminum profiles.

The equipment has a beautiful appearance, high degree of automation, reasonable structure, convenient and intuitive operation.

Each program action is automatically controlled by the cooperation of the hydraulic system and the PLC computer control system and is supplemented by the three actions of inching, interlocking, and automatic, as well as emergency stop and pause to deal with unexpected situations.

It has good safety performance, fast speed and stable action.

The main cylinder pallet and the ingot holder are positioned at four points, so that the center position of the main cylinder pallet and the ingot holder will not shift when moving back and forth, the center position is accurate, the output is very stable,  the quality of the product can be kept and guaranteed.

Using the optimized hydraulic and circuit series to make the extrusion machine move faster when empty run, and stabilize when extruding, shorten the non-extrusion time.

Material cutter is equipped with a pushing device, the one that will remove the remains stick on the razor blade; and the material cutter is sturdily assembled, no shaking occurs while cutting, which will therefore reduce the thickness after extruding, thereby reducing the cost of extrusion, reducing energy consumption, and improving production efficiency.

Our auminum extrusion presses are equipped with: 600MT, 800MT, 1000 MT, 1250MT, 1600MT, 1800MT, 2500MT, 3000MT of extrusion press.

Extrusion produces various shapes of aluminum alloy profiles, and users can choose aluminum extrusion press according to the cross-sectional size of their aluminum profiles.


Technical data for different models


Extrusion press

Gross power (KW) Working pressure (Mpa)

Container diameter


Billet specification



cylinder stroke


Overall dimension


Center height



Size mm

Total weight


800MT 135 21 650 114*550 1150 7000*3000*3800 1010 90*90



1000MT 140 21 750 120*580 1350 7500*3000*3800 1150 100*100



1650MT 260 21 950 150*700 1850 12000*3800*4500 1350 150*150



1800MT 290 21 1000 178*750 1850 12000*3800*4500 1395 220*260



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