Aluminum profile brushing machine

Aluminum profile brushing machine

Aluminum profile brushing machine


Aluminum profile brushing machine

Aluminum profile brushing machine

Aluminum profile brushing machine introduction

An aluminum profile brushing machine is a specialized piece of industrial equipment designed for the surface treatment of aluminum profiles.

The primary function of this machine is to brush for hairline finish, clean, and polish the surfaces of aluminum profiles, enhancing their aesthetic appearance and functional characteristics.

The aluminum profile brushing machine makes the decoration line on the surface of the aluminum profile through the brushing wheel, can get hairline, straight grain, curly grain, ripple grain and irregular lines with different models and mesh brushing wheels.

Aluminum profile brushing can eliminate scratches, marks, etc. on aluminum profiles.

The degree of elimination is related to the depth of brushing.

Generally speaking, the greater the depth of brushing, the stronger the ability to eliminate physical defects on the surface of aluminum profiles.

However, for the high request for brushing process, it is necessary to use pre-treatment such as grinding or polishing to eliminate the surface defects of the workpiece before brushing, especially for lighter brushing hairlines.

In addition to eliminating the surface defects of aluminum alloy workpieces mentioned above, brushing can improve the texture of metal materials and provide it with a strong decorative effect to increase the aesthetics of the product.

This is currently the most commonly used method for the decoration of aluminum profiles.

In recent years, aluminum profile brushing has been widely used for shell decoration of various electronic products, such as laptop panels, keyboards, mobile phone panels and other related components of digital products.

Aluminum profile surface brushing is carried out with an aluminum profile brushing machine.

For small flat workpieces, a flat-press abrasive belt brushing machine can be used.

This brushing method depends on the surface requirements of the product.

You can choose a coarse-grained abrasive belt to process a heavy brushing line, textured surface.

For the light pattern with obvious hand feeling, you can also use fine-grained abrasive belt to process more delicate light brushing line pattern.


Single shaft, double shaft and roller type four sides brushing machine

Working principle

By the rotation of nylon wheels in the main shaft that was droved by the motor, makes the machining work on the surface of aluminum profiles to obtain the decorative lines on the surface.

The shaft speed and working table conveying speed can be adjusted or different types of nylon wheels were changed to get different decorative lines.

Aluminum profile brushing machine technical data

 1. Overall dimension: L 7000mmX W1200mm X H1500mm, can be customized

2. Working size:  L 3200mmX W 280mm X H 150mm(adjustable)

3. Conveyor speed: 0-20m

4. Main shaft power 5.5 KW X 2 (variable frequency)

5. The equipment’s total power   19KW

6. The electrical parts of the machine are Japanese Mitsubishi (frequency converter, contactor and air switch)

7. The shaft bearings of the machine are FAG of Germany.

8. The main motor of the machine: Weite motor of Zhongshan City or Hongling motor of Jiangmen City

Here’s an overview of its function and key features:


Surface Cleaning:

The machine is designed to clean the surfaces of aluminum profiles by removing dirt, dust, and other contaminants. This is an essential step to ensure proper adhesion of coatings or to achieve a smooth, polished finish.


Aluminum profiles often have sharp edges or burrs after the manufacturing process. The brushing machine is equipped to remove these burrs, creating smooth and safe edges.

Oxide Layer Removal:

Aluminum naturally forms an oxide layer on its surface, which can affect its appearance. The brushing process helps in removing or reducing this oxide layer, improving the overall finish.

Uniform Surface Texture:

The machine uses brushes or abrasive belts to create a uniform surface texture on the aluminum profiles. This is especially important for applications where a consistent and attractive appearance is required.

Directional Brushing:

Depending on the design of the machine, it can perform brushing in a specific direction, creating a directional or “hairline” finish on the aluminum profiles. This is often desirable for decorative or architectural applications.


Some advanced brushing machines are equipped with polishing features. After the initial brushing, the profiles can undergo a polishing process to achieve a higher level of shine and smoothness.


The machine is typically adjustable to accommodate different profile sizes and shapes. This customization allows for flexibility in handling various aluminum profiles used in different industries.


In modern industrial settings, some brushing machines are fully or semi-automated. This automation helps improve efficiency and consistency in the brushing process, reducing the need for manual labor.

Quality Control:

Some machines may have integrated sensors or quality control mechanisms to ensure that the brushing process meets specific standards. This is crucial for industries where the quality of the surface finish is a critical factor.

Dust Extraction:

To maintain a clean working environment, many brushing machines include a dust extraction system. This system removes the dust and debris generated during the brushing process.


Architectural Profiles: Brushing machines are commonly used in the production of aluminum profiles for architectural purposes, such as window frames and extruded structures.

Automotive Components: Aluminum profiles used in automotive applications, like trim and body components, can benefit from brushing to enhance their appearance and durability.

Furniture Manufacturing: In the furniture industry, aluminum profiles are used for various purposes. Brushing machines contribute to achieving a sleek and uniform finish on these profiles.

Consumer Electronics: Aluminum profiles in consumer electronics, such as smartphones or laptops, often undergo brushing for a clean and modern look.

Decoration aluminum profile: Aluminum profiles for floor covering, and skirting, such as aluminum tile trim, carpet trim, and skirting. 

In summary, an aluminum profile brushing machine is a versatile piece of equipment that plays a crucial role in improving the surface quality of aluminum profiles, making them suitable for a wide range of applications across different industries.

The project quotation can be made according to the brushing effect of the aluminum profile and your request. 

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