Aluminum parts brushing machine

Aluminum parts brushing machine

Aluminum parts brushing machine


Aluminum parts brushing machine

Aluminum parts brushing machine

Can be applied for machining aluminum parts, TV screen frame, picture frame, LED frame, Electric motor housing, heat sink aluminum parts, etc grinding, brushing and wire drawing.

Technical data of aluminum parts brushing machine

Main motor power: 2.2KW   

Lifting motor: 0.18KW  415V

Power supply: 380V or 415V, 50HZ, others can be done

Lifting height: 0-280mm

Working Table Size: 4 sizes

L860/ L1100 /L1500/L2000*Width 550mm

Belt specifications:

C 3500/4000/4800/5900*Width 100mm

Spindle speed: high speed 1800r/min, low-speed 926r/min

Abrasive belt linear speed: high-speed 24m/s, low-speed 11.1m/s

Running direction: counterclockwise (sign indication)

Application of Aluminum parts brushing machine:

Mainly aimed at the brushing of flat surface products of hardware, electronics, furniture, lighting, plumbing equipment, sports equipment, medical equipment, fishing gear, plastics and other industries.

The product has strong versatility. Besides flat surface products brushing,  it can be used for flat or shaped boxes grinding and brushing.

The brushing effect can be a hairline finish and snowflake finish according to the requirements.

The Nylon belt can also be installed in the machine.

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