Hot aluminum dross processing machine

Hot aluminum dross processing machine

Hot aluminum dross processing machine


Hot aluminum dross processing machine

Hot aluminum dross processing machine

In the current overview of systems and technologies for the treatment of aluminum dross generated from aluminum melting and holding furnaces, hot aluminum dross processing machine is by far the most widespread technology which ensures the best economic results, as well as environmental and operational benefits.

In general, hot aluminum dross processing machine will be used for the dross processing.

The hot aluminum dross that skimmed from the melting furnace will be sent to hot aluminum dross processing machine, more than 90% aluminum metal will be recovered from the dross. 

After the dross cooling process, a ball mill and sieving machine can be applied for the cold dross for the crushing and sieving. The big powder aluminum dross can be recycled in the furnace. After that, aluminum metal can be recovered from the aluminum dross completely.

Aluminum dross processing machine application can reduce the workers working strength, improve the recovery rate of aluminum metal, and protect the environment, so it is a favorite choice by the recycled aluminum industry.

Main features

* Separating aluminum from the dross by one time

* High recovery rate from the dross (90%)

* Short working time (10-15 minutes per run)

* No need any fuel in the processing

* No pollution and environmental friendly

* Low energy consumption

* Mechanical stirring, stirring fully, improve working efficiency

* Good separating result, improve aluminum metal recovery rate

* Adopting dust collector, eco friendly

* Simple operation and easy maintenance

* No need any fuel, make full use of the heat energy in hot aluminum dross

* low processing cost

Why hot aluminum dross processing machine

Aluminum dross is one kind of by-product produced by the primary aluminum industry and secondary aluminum industry. 

The poisonous metal element(Se, As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Pb Etc) in the aluminum dross may cause heavy metal pollution if they go into the soil and groundwater system, the salt of the salt cake gather in the soil can cause salinization, contacting with water will produce ammonia, hydrogen and methane, which can cause fire, the impurities such as arsenic and arsenide aluminum will have the reaction with water to product arsine gas, after gathering in the production sites, which not only pollute the air but also cause acute arsine poisoning to the close contacts.

In our country, the aluminum dross generated each year is a huge quantity, the storing occupies the land and it is harmful. It is defined as hazardous waste by the government. 

On the other hand, there is lots of aluminum and alumina in the aluminum dross, which can be renewable resources. 

Aluminum recovery rate is low in aluminum dross processing, high energy consumption in the past.

In view of this situation, we develop new technology and adopt foreign advanced technology and equipment to change the old outdated processing method.

Making the research and development of aluminum recovery technology from industrial aluminum slag and aluminum dross, can not only protect the environment but also recycle aluminum, the full realization of the concept of a circular economy.

For aluminum dross processing and recovery, we have a good understanding of aluminum dross.

From the different high-temperature aluminum dross and aluminum dross composition generated from different sources, we analyzed and research them.

We offer different aluminum dross recovery and recycling solutions according to different situations and request, so that we can get aluminum recycling, promote our aluminum dross recovery healthy, persistent and stable development.

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