Aluminum profile shot blasting machine

Aluminum profile shot blasting machine

Aluminum profile shot blasting machine


Aluminum profile shot blasting machine

Aluminum profile shot blasting machine description

Aluminum profile shot blasting machine is the special equipment for the surface of the aluminum profiles.

Through the shot blasting treatment, which can remove the die line and scratch of aluminum profiles surface, improve the appearance quality and coloring adhesion, so that we can get the result that improves the quality of the product.

Here are the features of aluminum profile shot blasting machine

*The layout mode of the shot blasting chamber and blast wheel is determined after the computer simulation of the projectile, which is comprehensive and thorough for the sandblasting pieces.

*Appropriate shot blasting volume, low consumption blasting wheel, can significantly improve blasting efficiency, satisfactory quality of cleaning.

*Filter bag dust collector, high efficiency for the dust collecting, low consumption, good cleaning regeneration performance, low cost, convenient replacement and maintenance.

*Using separation device which took eddy current pneumatic separation way, separating the dust, effective shot materials, aluminum oxide, broken materials from the large particles, that makes the workpiece good appearance, high efficiency and consistent quality.

*Automatic unloading sand system use air pressure, air cylinder, automatic unloading plate, motor, automatic feeding rack, which is to facilitate the unloading by workers, to prevent the loss of sand and to prevent the wear and tear of the workpiece in the process of manually unloading sand.

Working principle

Workpiece on the input position, through the roller conveyer, going through the shot blasting chamber at a uniform speed.

Turn on the shot blasting device, then the blast wheel start to work.

The surface of the workpiece will get consistent roughness after impacting the ball at high speed.

The ball will be sifted through the circulation and separation system, the dust will be absorbed, filtered and discharged through the dedusting system.

Aluminum shot blasting machine technical parameters

Design capacity: 100mm width AL section can shot 8-10 pieces at a time

Overall dimension: L 4080× W2100× H5200mm

Equipment power: 55kw

Transmission way: helical

Shot blasting machine: TR60K 8*4.0kw

Shot blasting capacity: 8x60kg/min

Steel sand specification: 0.2mm or 0.3mm

Dust-removal machine: advanced negative pressure type

Why aluminum profile shot blasting machine

The mechanical shot blasting processing cost is only 34%-40% of the Alkali etching cost.

Aluminum profile shot blasting machine can remove the die line, scratch effectively,  save the cost in aluminum profile production.

Aluminum profile shot blasting technology is one of the most advanced techniques in the world for surface cleaning/glossing/intensifying of all kinds of mechanical parts, and it has taken the place of chemical liquids processing method with lower cost, high efficiency, and environmental-friendly features.

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