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Aluminum Equipment Total Solution Provider! China Aluminum Machinery Manufacturer, Offer Total Solution For Your Aluminium Project In Aluminum Chips Melting, Aluminum Dross Processing, Aluminum Profile Polishing, Brushing, Packaging And Wood Grain Sublimation Machine! Completed Solution And One-Stop Service, Turnkey Project And One Package Deal!

Aluminium dross processing

Aluminium Dross Machine

Aluminium Dross Processing, dross recovery machine, dross cooling, ball mill and sieving, integrated aluminium dross processing system, hot and cold dross recycling solution.

Aluminum extrusion equipment

Aluminum Extrusion Equipment

Aluminum extrusion press and auxiliary equipment, design and build, high efficiency and cost-effective, energy-saving and automatic, stable performance and simple operation!

Melting and Casting

Melting And Casting

Aluminium scraps melting, casting, chips and UBC melting, melting furnace with regenerative burner, side well vortex stirring double chamber melting furnace, baghouse dust collector.

polishing equipment

Polishing And Brushing

Aluminum profile polishing and brushing,  mechanical polishing machine for mirror effect, buffing machine, surface defects brushing machine, hairline brushing machine.



Brightstar Aluminum Machinery, China aluminum machinery manufacturing& trading combo, offers total solution for your project in aluminum scraps recycling,  melting, casting, dross processing, aluminum profile polishing and brushing, woodgrain effect sublimation, shot blasting, thermal break aluminum profile making and aluminum profile powder coating and anodizing line.

We design, build and construct for your project,  Turnkey project and package deal.

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Aluminium melting workshop equipment, Aluminium extrusion machine and auxiliary equipment, Aluminum profile surface treatment solution, aluminum profile polishing machine, aluminum profiles surface defects brushing cleaning machine, woodgrain effect sublimation machine, Aluminum profile anodizing line and powder coating production line.

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