What is aluminum dross processing machine

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What is aluminium dross processing machine

What is aluminum dross processing machine

What is aluminum dross processing machine

What is aluminum dross processing machine

Aluminum dross processing machine is a special machine that separates aluminum from the hot dross generated from the furnaces, whose temperature is more than 700 centigrade, which is one necessary machine in the dross processing and dross recovery.

Aluminum dross processing is also one important procedure in the aluminum recovery field, which have the social and economic benefit for the recyclers.

Why aluminum dross processing machine?

Aluminum dross (aluminum slag) is one kind of by-product produced by the primary aluminum industry and secondary aluminum industry. 

The poisonous metal element(Se, As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Pb Etc) in aluminum dross may cause heavy metal pollution, if they go into the soil and groundwater system, the salt gather in the soil can cause salinization, contact with water will produce ammonia, hydrogen and methane, which can cause a fire; the impurities such as arsenic and arsenide aluminum will have the reaction with water to product arsine gas, after gathering in the production sites, which not only pollute the air, but also cause acute arsine poisoning to the close contacts.

In aluminum industry, the aluminum dross generated each year is a huge quantity, the storage occupies the land and it is harmful.

It is defined as hazardous waste by the government. 

On the other hand, there is lots of aluminum and alumina in the aluminum dross, which can be renewable resources.

There will be lots of aluminum dross generated in the melting process, which contains a large amount of aluminum with the skimmed dross from the furnaces.

If we sell them with simple processing, that will cause a great waste and also it pollutes the environment. 

But if we use the rotary furnace, grinding and separating by cold dross with labor dross processing,  these methods are not only low recovery rate, but also a big waste and harmful to the environment.  

Aluminum recovery rate is low in aluminum dross processing, high energy consumption in the past.

So it is particularly important to maximize the recovery of aluminum from aluminum dross.

Aluminum dross processing machine is developed for the dross recovery, which can make full use of residual heat of dross, no need any flux, no need any fuel, which can not only protect the environment, but also recycle aluminum, the full realization of the concept of the circular economy.

Features of aluminum dross processing machine

* Separating aluminum from the dross by one time

* High recovery rate from the dross (90%)

* Short working time (10-15 minutes per run)

* No need any fuel in the processing

* No pollution and environmental friendly

* Low energy consumption

* Mechanical stirring, stirring fully, improve working efficiency

* Good separating result, improve aluminum metal recovery rate

* Eco-friendly, adopting whirlwind dust elimination and water spraying dust elimination

* Simple operation and easy maintenance

* No need any fuel, make full use of the heat energy in the hot aluminum dross

* low processing cost

Aluminum dross processing machine know-how

Aluminum melting principle

Aluminum melting point is 660℃ light alloy, When the temperature of aluminum gets more than 660℃, all-aluminum will become liquid aluminum and can be separated from the dross. 

Working principle

Aluminum dross processing machine is designed on the basis of the difference of physical property and the specific gravity between the solid materials and liquid materials.


Aluminum scrap recyclers, aluminum alloy factories, aluminum casting factories, aluminum extrusion factories, aluminum electrolysis plants, aluminum smelters etc


Extract more than 90% aluminum from hot dross, increase your 1% gross profit.

Less labor, less space  

Automatic and simple operation 

Longer service life

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