Seven things you should know about aluminum profile polishing

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Aluminum profiles polishing machine

Seven things you should know about aluminum profile polishing

Seven things you should know about aluminum profile polishing

Seven things you should know about aluminum profile polishing

Aluminum profile polishing is a technique and is the accumulation of experience, it is also an art.

How to combine technology, experience and art to achieve a perfect surface finish polishing? what needs to be considered and discussed om the operation?

Here are seven things you should know about aluminum profile polishing:

1. Aluminum profile polishing equipment

For the investors, the least investment in equipment is better.

For the technicians, the good performance of the equipment will be better.

How to make the investors and the technicians have the same idea, we need to make a total analysis.

We list the following considerations to make recommendations for the procurement of machinery and equipment.

These considerations are not limited to grinding and polishing equipment. I believe that other devices can be applicable.

Choose an experienced equipment manufacturer

With this choice, there is a 100% benefit to the buyer factory.

In our experience, in order to get the low-cost machine, some investors choose an inexperienced equipment manufacturer.

It looks like that the buyer save the money, buy the machine in a cheaper price, but for a long time running, the cost of labor and time is considerable, and sometimes the original investment opportunity is lost; there is a considerable cost for the future maintenance and repair, so the total cost of polishing machine is more expensive.

That is penny wise and pound foolish.

Aluminium profiles polishing machine
Aluminiun profile polishing machine

Choose an equipment manufacturer with technology, pre-sales and after-sales service

The machine is the same as a human being, even like a baby, it needs to be taken care of.

If it is not well cared for, it is difficult to keep good performance for the machine.

If the factory purchases the equipment without the service, the equipment will be broken in a very short time, so Pre-sale service, planning services and after-sales maintenance services are very important for the machine.

Choose “value” instead of “price” for the machine

As far as “value” is concerned, the cheap price in the cost is not necessarily really “cheap” in the using, perhaps only the lower cost of the first investment.

For the investors, the cost of an equipment investment will be considered. but the cost that derived in the future will be also considered at the same time, and sometimes the total costs is calculated and you will find that the original investment is not good choice, so when investing in large equipment, remember to make a detailed and comprehensive evaluation. 

Planning work to make a perfect purchase

Before purchasing,  not only the specifications and performance of this equipment must be considered, but also the overall process of the plant that before and after the process should be considered.

In the procurement stage of this new equipment, the operators and technical training must be prepared in advance.

This is often overlooked by some investors. In fact, equipment improvement or automation is being carried out.

This issue is a very important part.

Solid polishing wax

2. Polishing wheel and polishing wax

As mentioned above, the polishing work is a combination of technology, experience and art.

After all the products have been polished, the perfect quality is the art work.

How to choose the right cloth wheel and polishing agent is the experienced skill of professional; more importantly, the product is a commodity.

When choosing the cloth wheel and the polishing agent, how the most economical cost can be achieved, and the most perfect art work can be achieved.

This is the professional skill of polishing work.

There are many factories that produce cloth wheels and polishing agents in the market.

The methods and formulas produced by different manufacturers are different.

Therefore, the factory must first understand the basic considerations in order to be able to choose.

However, in the past two years, the economic environment has changed, the factory has a more professional understanding of the choice of polishing materials, and the manufacturers who have successively entered the market for grinding and polishing, have a technical basis for grinding and polishing materials, are also constantly Professional consult and training to the clients, which made completed solution and professional technology development.

Polishing cloth wheel

3. Cloth wheel selection principle

According to the type of polishing equipment

The automatic polishing machine and the manual polishing machine, the cloth wheel choosing will be different.

The main reason is that the workpiece of the automatic polishing machine will be fixed on the fixture, and the cloth wheel shaft group moves into and contacts the workpiece to achieve the polishing effect, or the work is fixed on the fixture and will be polished by the cloth wheel shaft group via a conveyor belt.

The manual polishing machine is fixed by the cloth wheel shaft group, and the workpiece is held by the operator.

Contact with the cloth wheel to achieve the polishing action, in other words, different types of polishing machine, the basic form of the cloth wheel can be said to be almost completely different. 

According to the shape of the workpiece

In general, the type of polishing machine and the shape of the workpiece are fixed, the choice of the cloth wheel can be roughly determined.

Generally, the flat workpiece for the polishing and most of the cloth wheel is made of harder cloth, and make some adjustments according to the speed of the machine.

But for the complex shape profile workpiece for the polishing, on the automatic polishing machine, the softer and elastic cloth wheel will be selected, and on the manual polishing machine, the grinding and polishing cloth wheel with elastic contact and very solid base will be selected.

Cloth polishing wheel

According to the material of the workpiece

Generally, we divide the materials of the polishing workpiece into two categories, one is metal and the other is non-metal.

The metal can be divided into two types, one is iron metal, including iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, etc.

One is non-ferrous metals, including copper, brass, bronze, zinc, aluminum, nickel, and so on.

Non-metal, including plastic, painted lacquer, wood, stone, etc.

The types of cloth wheels vary from the polishing workpiece materials. The basic selection method considers the surface hardness of the workpiece for the polishing, like iron metal, the surface hardness is higher, so the choice of sisal wheel will be used for polishing effect, if it is non-iron metal, it also uses sisal wheel.

Aluminum profile, after polishing with the sisal wheel, the polishing lines on the surface are clear, and most of them are not accepted by the customers.

Therefore, for non-ferrous metals, most of them use cloth wheels for polishing. 

According to the surface condition of the workpiece

The surface condition of the workpiece directly affects the choice of the cloth wheel, polishing wax in the polishing operation.

If it is not properly selected, it will cause unnecessary cost waste.

The adjustment and matching between them is also very important.

The characteristics and composition of the materials must be clearly understood.

Otherwise, even if the materials are used in an inappropriate place, the expected results will not be achieved.

4. Solid polishing wax and liquid polishing wax application

Polishing is an important process in surface treatment.

Due to the increase in labor costs and the high request for product quality, Automatic polishing will replace manual polishing in the workshop, and liquid polishing wax will replace solid polishing wax.

The liquid polishing wax is characterized in that it can be adapted to different substrates and different workpieces for polishing and less polluting, environmentally friendly and more efficient than solid polishing.

The selection principle

According to the material of the polishing workpiece

Generally, when polishing wax is used, it will be used according to the material of the workpiece to be polished.

If it is iron metal, the alumina series is used.

If it is non-metal, the diatomite series polishing agent is used.

According to the surface hardness of the polishing workpiece

If the surface hardness is high, such as aluminum alloy, the alumina series is used.

If the surface hardness is low, such as zinc or copper alloy, the diatomite series is selected.

When working with a cloth wheel

Generally speaking, if the cloth wheel has insufficient cutting force, the alumina series is used.

If the cloth wheel has a strong cutting force, it is matched with the diatomite series.

Polishing wax formula

If the selected polishing wax is poorly formulated, in addition to increasing the cost of polishing, and also affecting the cost of the project before and after the polishing, even the wearing loss of the parts and the spray gun will be more, so the factory needs to choose the right polishing wax.

Automatic aluminum profiles polishing machine

5. Liquid wax spray gun system

This system must be used with liquid polishing wax.

It has been used abroad for more than 60 years.

The grinding and polishing spray gun system is different from the low-pressure spray gun system used in the general coating.

It sent a high viscosity polishing wax and spray it.

On the surface of a high-speed rotating cloth wheel, the pressure of the spray nozzle of this system is 1500~2000PSI (104~140kg/cm2).

If the pressure is insufficient, the polishing wax cannot be completely firmly attached to of the surface of the high-speed rotation cloth wheel, it cannot achieve good results in the grinding and polishing operations.

6. Operator training

The operation technology of the automatic polishing equipment can be summarized as the technical training before the equipment purchasing, the technical training of the equipment test machine and the technical training during the mass production of the equipment.

It will take 7-10 days for the installation and commissioning.

7. General conclusion of aluminum profile polishing

In the view of commodities, we must develop markets, create profits, improve quality and reduce costs.

How to break through the bottlenecks in production in a limited resource environment, in our own production conditions.

Such as personnel and technology strength, machinery and equipment, and strong market planning and evaluation will be get improved designedly

On of view of cost, it should be an overall assessment of the entire production line.

It is not good to consider the cost of a single production point alone. Otherwise, it will result in greater cost loss.

In addition, all production technology cooperation has an impact on each other, so we should do a good job of coordination and coordination to achieve the most economical and efficient production.

In terms of grinding and polishing operations, the manufacturers need to choose a cooperative supplier with a technical foundation and research and development strength for long-term cooperation.

Otherwise, the manufacturers will lose the business opportunity and good time in trying or making mistakes in polishing operations.

Sometimes excellent suppliers will work together with the manufacturers, provide the overall cost analysis for the manufacturer, as well as the adjustment and coordinate the overall production line to achieve the most efficient management.

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