Vacuum wood grain heat transfer machine

Vacuum wood grain heat transfer machine

Vacuum wood grain heat transfer machine


Vacuum wood grain heat transfer machine

Vacuum wood grain heat transfer machine

Wood grain effect aluminum profile 

Aluminum profiles that look like wood? We call them wood grain effect aluminum profiles.

Aluminum profile can serve as a replacement for wood in a variety of different projects.

Doors, windows, cabinets, and building exteriors can all be given the appearance of wood. 

So how do extrusion manufacturers create this pleasant wood grain effect on their aluminum profiles?

Powder coating and sublimation process

This method has two processes, used consecutively, to create the look.

Powder Coating – One of the most common types of aluminum profiles finishes.

Sublimation – Used to imprint patterns after powder coating.

After completing these processes you now have a replacement for wood that gives you all the benefits of aluminum extrusions.

Working function

The powder-coated aluminum profiles obtain the clear and whole pattern from wood grain film or paper when it through rated temperature, at the same time the temperature made the printing ink of organic coat sublimed then transfer to the original workpiece.

We are different

36 pieces vacuum nozzles wood grain effect heat transfer machine for aluminum profile

Single piece vacuuming type

The machine is equipped with a vacuuming device at both ends of the charging skips.

The vacuuming is applied during continuous production.

When aluminum profile is discharged, the blow air pump is used to blowback to take off the wood grain paper.

Continuous production, high production efficiency and high output.

The charging skips, made by profile steels, moved into the oven through the track by transmission motor.

When the heat transfer temperature and time were completed, the furnace door will be lifted automatically, the charging skips will move into and out of the oven.

Production processes

Aluminum profile pretreatment→Powder-coated→Wood grain film→Vacuumizing→Heating transfer→Film removal→Inspection→Packaging and warehouse→Delivery

Technical data

Total power about 16kw (for Gas or Oil), For Electricity, about 100KW.

Single piece vacuuming, 36 pieces vacuum nozzles, max 36 pieces aluminum profiles up to profile shape and dimensions

Wood grain paper or wood grain film

Heating transfer temperature: 160℃-200℃

Heating time:10-15 minutes

Max processing size for aluminum profile: L7000mm*W200mm*H200mm

Can be customized according to the request.

Vacuum wood grain heat transfer machine features

1. Energy-saving design, hot air recycle;

2.No color difference for wood grain effect;

3. Safety design;

4. Imported burner;

5. Natural and colorful wood grain effect;

6. With 36 pieces vacuum nozzles;

7. High efficiency and high output;

8. Galvanized plate for oven inside wall;

9. Painted plate for oven outside wall;

10. Stainless steel heating room

Brightstar Aluminum Machinery offers the total solution for wood grain effect aluminum profile project, not only vacuum wood grain heat transfer machine, but also wood grain film or paper slitter, ultrasonic sealing machine for wood grain film and cover bag, aluminum profile automatic bagging machine, the solution with technical support and after-sales service.

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