Aluminum extrusion dimension and tolerance correcting

Aluminum extrusion dimension and tolerance correcting


Aluminum Extrusion Dimension And Tolerance Correcting

With the development of aluminum industry, more and more complex aluminum profiles with precision parts and critical dimensions and tolerances are required in extrusion production for the new applications.

Nowadays, aluminum profile market has higher and higher requirements for the dimensional accuracy of aluminum extrusion, and it is difficult to keep the critical dimension and tolerance in aluminum extrusion production to meet the market’s requirements.

When aluminum extrusions have the defects such as angle, flatness, opening expanding, closing, and longitudinal bending after straightening, cold processing, that is, roller correction method can be used for the shape correction.

Therefore, the aluminum extruder needs to set up an aluminum profile shape correction machine to correct aluminum extrusion dimension and tolerance to meet the market’s precision requirements.

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