Parts of aluminium extrusion press and its function

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Parts of aluminium extrusion press and its function

Parts of aluminium extrusion press and its function

Parts of aluminium extrusion press and its function

Parts of aluminium extrusion press and its function

Parts of the aluminium extrusion press and its function, Understanding how an aluminum extrusion press works require identifying the aluminum extrusion press parts and explaining their use.

An aluminum extrusion press is made up of a front platen and back platen held together by four tie rods.

The parts of the aluminum press that actually make the extrusion are as follows:

Main Cylinder

Chamber and cylinder of an extrusion press into which hydraulic fluid is pumped to generate the desired ram pressure and movement.

Hydraulic Pressure

The pressure used to move the ram forward at the required Pounds Per Square Inch.


A steel rod attached to the main cylinder with a dummy block on the end that enters the container and applies pressure to the billet.

Dummy Block

A tight-fitting steel block attached to the ram stem on a press which seals the billet in the container and prevents metal from leaking backward.


Aluminum log cut to specific lengths which are fed into the press as extrusion materials.


Chamber in an extrusion press which holds the billet as it is pushed through a die at one end while under pressure from a dummy block and ram entering at the other end.

The container resides in the container housing.

All containers are lined with a liner that holds the billet in place while it is being extruded.

Tool Stack (Die Assembly) 

Solid: die ring, die, backer, bolster, and sub-bolster (Sub-bolsters are not used in Carthage or Newnan). Hollow: die ring, die mandrel, die cap, bolster, sub-bolster

Die Holder

Container of the tool stack.

Die Lock

Locks the die into the die holder.

Log Oven/ Billet Oven

Press component used to heat the logs/ billets to extrusion temperature. Presses equipped with log shears have log ovens; others have billet ovens.

Log Shear

Used for cutting logs to desired billet lengths (only on presses with log ovens).

Butt Shear

Shears off the unextruded portion of the billet (butt) remaining in the container after the extrusion cycle is completed.

The butt is where oxides are located after the ram has pushed the billet through the container.

Die Oven

Oven where dies are heated to 750° – 900° F for 4-6 hours before being used.


Holds the billet while it is being pushed into the extrusion press by the pressure from the ram.

Press Leadout Table

The table which supports extrusion between the die and run-out table.

Run Out Table

Table at immediate exit of press leadout equipment which helps guide and support extrusions.

Back/Front Press Platen

The extrusion press consists of these two sections.

Tie Rods

Connects the back and front press platen.


Used to help guide the aluminum extrusions from the die.

It has the same number of holes as the die itself and can be used on all presses.

Newnan is moving away from using them because they are costly and hard to handle.

Platen Pressure Ring

A hardened tool steel ring inserted into the platen to support the die stack.

Pressure applied by the main cylinder to the ring causes stress and wear resulting in a need for periodic replacement.

Parts of aluminium extrusion press and its function

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