How to polish aluminum profile to get shiny silver

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How to polish aluminium extrusion profile to get shiny silver surface

How to polish aluminum profile to get shiny silver

How to polish aluminum profile to get shiny silver

How to polish aluminum profile to get shiny silver 

How to polish aluminum profile to get shiny silver, In the aluminum decoration market, you can find some very shiny silver and gold color aluminum profiles, the mirror looks like effect.

You may wonder how to make these shiny and bright colors on the aluminum extrusion surface?

Here we will show the steps and the story behind them.

How to polish aluminum profile to get shiny silver? 

All you need is aluminum profile, aluminum profile polishing machine and the polishing wax!

Mill finish aluminum extrusion profile

The basic is aluminum extrusion profile, it is easy to get them in the extrusion factory and it is mill finished profile(bare aluminum, without any surface treatment) and it should be aged in the furnace to get the hardness. 

If the polishing quality request of aluminum profile is very high level, it is better to pay more attention to the aluminum billet chemical composition and extrusion mold, otherwise, it is difficult to remove the deeper die line and heavy scratch and it will be harmful to the finished product rate.

For aluminum billet, 6463 alloy is better for mechanical polishing and chemical polishing for the high glossiness.

Aluminum profile polishing machine

Aluminum profile polishing machine is the leading role and now it gets into the act. 

Aluminum profile polishing machine is one kind of special machine for the surface treatment of aluminum profiles.

There are always die lines, scratches, marks on the surface of aluminum extrusion profiles after the extrusion in aluminum extrusion factory, which affects the surface quality and market competition of aluminum profiles.

Aluminum extrusion profile polishing machine can solve this problem effectively.

The surface of aluminum profiles will be as the mirror effect after the mechanical polishing by polishing machine.

Aluminum profile polishing machine function

Aluminum profile polishing machine for mechanical polishing is to remove the die lines, extruded lines and other defects on the surface of aluminum extrusion profile.

Aluminium profile polishing machine working principle

The worktable drives aluminum profile to have reciprocating linear running; make aluminum profile polished by the polishing wheels rotation of motor driving. 

Solid or liquid polishing wax is used on the surface of the cloth or flax wheel as a polishing media.

Aluminum profile polishing machine future

Such as three (two) acid polishing aluminum profile, electrochemical polishing aluminum profile, polished and electrophoresis aluminum profile as well as polished and nickel-plated aluminum profile, all require mechanical polishing treatment on the surface for the purpose of removing such surface defects as naturally oxidized film, extruded lines etc. to get a bright mirror effect on the surface of aluminum profile.

Aluminum profile will be in soft color, high grade and elegant appearance after mechanical polishing treatment and various chemical treatments.

It is the trend of development of aluminum profile applications for the decoration. 

Features of Brightstar aluminum profile polishing machine

High performance, simple operation and easy maintenance, a wide range of work, low processing cost, high-efficiency Etc.

After mechanical polishing, you can make them anodized, electrophoresis and bright dipping and anodizing to get shiny and bright color based on your request.

How to polish aluminium extrusion profile to get shiny silver surface?

That is such simple

One step, aluminum profile without any surface treatment, it is aged;

Second, aluminum profile polishing machine, polish aluminum profile to get mechanical polishing profile;

Third, bright dipping(chemical polishing), anodized or electrophoresis 

You will get bright and shiny silver or gold or other shiny color surfaces in the aluminum extrusion surface.

That is it and we show you the story behind it and let us do it now!

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