How to make thermal barrier aluminum profile

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How to make thermal barrier aluminum profile

How to make thermal barrier aluminum profile

How to make thermal barrier aluminum profile

How to make thermal barrier aluminum profile

How to make thermal barrier aluminum profile? As thermal barrier aluminum profile has the following advantages

It is widely used in window and doors projects and curtain wall projects in the building.

Why thermal barrier aluminum profile

1. Remarkable energy-saving effect, energy saving can be 30-40%;

2. Excellent sound insulation performances can reduce noise 30-50Db;

3. Superb anti-frosting and antifogging performance, the window can be clean and bright;

4 . High strength, wind resistance performance can be No.1 level standard;

5. Good airtight and watertight performances, both are No.1 level standard;

6 Three chambered design principles, high stability of the structure, excellent mechanical properties;

7 Advanced strip feeding technology, with reasonable structure, firm combination, good rigidity features, heat insulation effect is better;

8 Thermal barrier aluminum profile can be anodized, electrophoresis, powder coated and fluorocarbon coated, rich varieties, good performance, ideal energy-saving and sound insulation effect.

You may wonder how to make the thermal barrier aluminum profile in the extrusion factory.

Here we show the story behind it and the steps for this brilliant product.

How to make a thermal barrier aluminum profile? 

All you need are aluminum profiles, thermal break aluminum profile production line and polyamide strip

Here thermal barrier aluminum profile is strip feeding method thermal insulating profile, not injection thermal barrier aluminum profile. 

If you want to check the difference between strip feeding and injection methods, you can check www.brightstaralu/what-is-difference-between-strip-feeding-and-injection-thermal-break-aluminium-profile/ for more information.

What is thermal barrier aluminum profile?

Two pieces of aluminum profiles are connected by a polyamide strip.

Aluminum can transfer heat or cold very easily, its thermal conductivity is high.

But polyamide strip’s thermal conductivity is very low, and then can block the heat or cold transfer through aluminum.

The raw material of the polyamide strips is nylon and glass fiber.

Thermal break aluminum profile assembling machine

The thermal barrier aluminum profile assembling machine is used for producing thermal barrier aluminum profiles, including four sets of machines:  knurling machine, strip insertion/assembly machine, rolling machine and shear tester.

Thermal barrier aluminum profile production line

Thermal barrier aluminum profile production process

The production process for thermal barrier aluminum profiles is as follows:

Load Aluminum profiles on the working platform →film sticking →knurling→ strip feeding→ rolling→ or feed polyurethane foam into the insulation chamber→ packaging

1  The first process

Test the surface quality and dimension tolerance of aluminum profiles, inner and outer aluminum profiles can be anodized or electrostatic powder-coated treatment,  also can be a different color.

Through the thermal bridge connection, the inside and outside two colors aluminum profiles for window and door can be got.

2 The second process

Stick protective film. The main function is to protect the surface quality of aluminum profile in processing and moving.

3 The knurling

It is the key process, make two inner walls of aluminum profiles rolled for jagged teeth.

Feed the strip into the teeth channel of aluminum profiles, compound them together.

Teeth channel depth is not specified in the Domestic market.

But in the industry standard for GB/T building thermal break aluminum alloy standard, there is a specification for the tensile strength and shear strength.

4 Strip feeding and rolling processes

Strip feeding is to feed EPDM strip into the teeth channel of aluminum profile.

Then through the rolling machine, make the aluminum extrusion profiles and Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer o other materials strip rolled together

5 Shear test

Thermal barrier aluminum profile needs to meet the requirements of GB/T5237-2017, thermal barrier aluminum profiles also need to be tested for conventional shear strength and transverse tensile strength and combined elasticity.  

Take (100±1)mm long composite heat-insulating aluminum profiles, store it for two days at (23±2)℃ and humidity of 45%~55%, and use the shear strength tester to evenly push the force towards aluminum profile section, feed speed is 1~5mm/min, record applied load and corresponding shear deformation.

6 Packaging 

It can be packed by plastic bag or wrapping packaging by paper. 

The main function is to avoid damage and scratches in the transportation and processing.

Brightstar thermal barrier aluminum profile making machine features

High efficiency, energy-saving and lower power consumption, high production output

Knurling and strip feeding can be done in one set of machines.

The whole equipment can make two groups aluminum extrusion profile combined by 2 sets of knurling machines.

Special design for roller of the rolling forming machine can ensure the stable combination of 2 pieces aluminum profiles.

Adopting the most precise sensor, the test accurately

Using the reliable quality motor, frequency converter and reducer standard components

Flexible and adjustable auxiliary frame, digital display

The stable quality, reliable performance, simple operation, it is an ideal equipment for heat insulation aluminum profiles.

How to make thermal barrier aluminum profile? 

Follow our steps and it is such simple!

Load aluminum profiles on the working platform →film sticking →knurling→ strip feeding→ rolling→testing → packaging.

Contact us now to get a no-obligation quote on thermal break aluminum profile production!

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