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Purchase guide and after sale service of aluminium dross machine


6 steps for Aluminium dross machine purchasing guide


1 Professional analysis


Please send us your dross type and processing quantity per run, need dross cooling? Need Impulse bag dust collector? Ball mill? Sieving machine?  Before you buy the dross machine from us, our engineers and our team will check the detailed information and make the analysis for you.


2 Tailor-made for you


According to your detailed information and your request, our engineers and technicians will offer project technical data and quotation for you



3 VIDEO or factory operation show


If the machines can meet your requirement, we will offer video operation in our customer’s factory and we can take you to our China customer’s factory for the production operation.


4 On-site installation and commissioning


When the machine get to customer’s factory, our engineers and technicians will fix the installation and have the commission for the machines. The machine installation service will be offered for our customers and it is one stop service


5 Training for your workers


In the installation and commission, our engineers and technicians will train your workers for the machine operation, so that your people can operate the machine easily and simply.


6 Technical support


Our technical team will offer the technical support and know-how in free for long time.