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Permanent magnetic stirrer brief introduction and features


Bottom-mounted permanent magnetic stirrer is a permanent magnetic sensor that uses special combination. It is equivalent to a motor that with big air gap and use permanent magnet magnetic field. The magnetic sensor is just like the stator of the motor, and the non-ferrous metals liquid is equal to the rotor of the motor. Through the way of mechanical rotary, the magnetic filed and non-ferrous metals in the molten pool will interact, then will produce induced electromotive force and induced current. The induced current will effect with the magnetic filed, then make the electromagnetic force which would push the liquid to move directionally that plays a role of stirring. It consists of the main drive system, rack assembly, sensor assembly, lifting system assembly, cooling system, travelling mechanism control system.


Features of the permanent magnetic stirrer: 


1.The special sensor made by high remanence, high coercivity magnetic NdFeB, to achieve the contactless metal melting stirring through mechanical transmission and advanced control system.


  1.  2.The magnetic field can make the liquid aluminum rotating in 0-20r/min, washing out, soaking and smelting the cold slag or aluminum scrap , to reduce the aluminum scrap burning loss, improve the melting rate and lower the energy consumption; in general it can reduce about 50% relative burning loss according to the state of the materials.
  2. 3.In the situation of alloy configuration, it can accelerate the melting of the alloy, homogenize the alloy composition and refine the grains, improve the product quality; after 15 minutes stirring, we make the samples in many places and test the composition of each sample, which will meet the need the relative deviation value of the alloy and can be confirming to the national standard.
  3. 4.Eliminating the upper and lower temperature difference, improving the heat transfer efficiency from furnace chamber to the molten pool efficiently, lowering the combustion chamber temperature greatly. The temperature of the furnace body will differ in 0-8 centigrade after 15 minutes stirring.
    1. 5.When setting the actual stirring intensity, we had better see the ripple of the rotation form the surface but not damage the oxide layer, which could further reduce the burning loss and oxidation, and can achieve the goal of stirring at the same time. Forward and reverse running at alternative, stirring speed and time can be adjusted at random. In addition, it has good effect of liquid vortex.
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