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Heavy oil regenerative combustion system


The regenerative combustion system of aluminum industry consists of regenerative inflamer (including regenerative burner, fuel burner, regenerator ), air reversing valve, fuel reversing valve, gas supply pipeline, pressure stabilizing valve, combustion-supporting air pipeline and blower, fume exhaust ductwork and induced fan, air compressed pipeline, air compressor, regenerative combustion automatic control system and other equipments.


Regenerative burner

The function of the regenerative burner that is made up of burner nozzle, regenerator, metal shell and refractory, is mainly used to provide a safe channel of combustion, and recycle the high temperature used heat of gas, then heat the combustion-supporting air. The regenerator is the storage room of the heat exchanger, which can be made as round or square. The high alumina ceramic regenerative ball will be internally installed as the regenerative material, which is of high regenerative efficiency. Under the normal working condition, the ceramic ball regenerator need to clean and change them every 2~3 months. It will take about one hour for changing the ceramic ball, and the replaced dirty ceramic ball can be re-used after cleaning.



Regenerative aluminium melting furnace


Fuel burner

The fuel burner, including the igniter burner and the main fuel burner, which is consist of mixer, fuel pipe, cooling pipe, burner tip and other components, is mainly used to provide a burning channel of the fuel. It is also equipped with the automatic ignite and fire monitor system to keep the fuel burner running safely. In order to keep the fuel burner from damaging because it is in the high temperature for long time, the fuel burner should access the cool air to protect it. The igniter burner is used to ignite the fuel burner, so to solve the problem of inverting flameout of the main fuel burner. The main function of the fuel burner that assorted the regenerative burner is to provide a good atomization fuel burning channel, and equipped with ignite and safety inspect devices to ensure the fuel burner running safely. It consists of ignition burner, main fuel burner, fire rod (ignition pin, firing head, sensor bar, flame detector bar, ignition electrode, and spark plug), flame detector and other components. The main fuel burner has fuel gas burner and fuel oil burner, but with many specifications. In order to keep the fuel burner from damaging because it is in the high temperature for long time, we had better access the cool air around the fuel burner to protect it.

Regenerative aluminum melting furnace

Aluminium dross processing machine