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How to wood grain aluminum profile?


How to wood grain aluminum profile, here are the key answers for your question.  All you need is aluminum profile, vacuum wood grain machine for aluminum extrusion, the wood grain paper.


aluminium profile vacuum wood grain machine


When you see wood grain aluminum profile in the market, you will be amazed by aluminum profile surface treatment technology development. The wood grain aluminum profile has both advantages of aluminum profile and wood and it is bright spot for the decoration in the world.


Wood grain aluminum profile processing principle

The organic coatings of aluminum profile obtain the clear and whole pattern through certain temperature, at the same time, the heating made the printing ink of wood grain paper transfer to the organic coatings of aluminum extrusion.


Wood grain aluminum profile condition and processes

First, Aluminum profile must be powder coated or electrophoresis treatment, and then we can start wood grain transfer printing.

The Process flow as follows:

Aluminum profile in powder coated or electrophoresis treatment → cover aluminum profile with wood grain paper or PET hot transfer printing film→170-200 ℃ baking →remove the film→ wood grain aluminum profile finished → packaging


As wood grain aluminum profile has many features in the decoration, it is widely in the market, 

Wood grain aluminium profile

Aluminium extrusion profile surface is fine and smooth;

With high coating strength and powerful adhesion strength;

With acid resistance, weather resistance, decay resistance, alkali resistance and shock resistance;

Wood grain aluminum profile decoration effect can be better than solid wood


The vacuum wood grain aluminum profile machine can transfer the pattern of wood grain paper to the surface of aluminum extrusion by heating, and get the clear grains and have third dimensional feeling, make the wood grain aluminum looks like more natural.


Vacuum wood grain aluminum profile machine has the following advantages:

1. High efficiency, low cost, especially compare to the water transfer printing

2. Invest little equipment, and fewer operators

3. Can get wood grain or marble grain effect, environment friendly and it is substitute of solid wood

4. Easy operation and high finished product rate


How to wood grain aluminum profile? Aluminum profile, vacuum wood grain aluminum profile machine, wood grain paper, make it and that is such simple!