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Aluminium and aluminum scrap pretreatment process

Aluminium and aluminium scrap, scrap aluminium pretreatment process and processing before the melting

The raw materials of recycled aluminium (secondary aluminium) production manufacturer are mostly from aluminium and aluminium scrap through circulation recovery. These scraps come from different sources and have complex shapes, and it is with some other metals and non-metals. The compositions range varies greatly and its surface is not clean. If we can not clean the materials before the melting, that will not only cause molten aluminium absorb gas, produce gas hole, loosening and other defects in the following the solidification process, but also make the materials composition and performance unqualified.  Moreover, there will be lots of harmful gases produced in the production, which pollute the environment greatly.  So in order to ensure the recycled aluminium products quality and improve the enterprises economic benefit, we must make the pretreatment for the scrap aluminum before the melting.


The aim and purpose of aluminium and aluminum scrap pretreatment

1 Removing other metal and non-metal from aluminum scraps materials

2 Classifying the aluminium scraps according to alloying composition

3 Removing the oil and coating layer from the surface of aluminium scraps

4 making aluminium scraps getting the most economical and reasonable utilization.


Scraps aluminium, aluminium scrap pretreatment processing before melting


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