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Molten aluminium refining and degassing machine process and advantages

Molten aluminium refining

Molten aluminium degassing


Refining agent spraying process is one kind of effective method to get the high quality molten aluminium. It can effectively remove the oxides, purify aluminum dross. At the same time, it can reduce the pollution to the environment significantly and improve the working environment in the aluminum alloy melting. Its effect is better than gas refining and various flux and agent refining.


1 Good refining effect, the combined effect of inert gas and refining agent, get both advantages of gas refining and refining agent. The refining agent will be blew into the deep of molten aluminum and dispersed quickly. The powder refining agent particles uniform distribution, increase the contacting area with the molten aluminium greatly to achieve the maximum full contact and reaction, that can improve the refining agent effective utilization rate and the nitrogen bubble can do degassing. So the refining effect is significantly improved.


2 Low refining agent consumption, feeding evenly. The refining agent feeding is supplied by electric disc, the feeding speed is stepless regulated by the frequency converter, no influence by the refining gas pressure and flow volume. The refining agent consumption is less than half than the block refining agent and has the significant economic benefits.


3 Can finish the many processes, working with different functional melting agent, can complete the modification, degassing and slag removing etc functions and the results are great.


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