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Thermal break aluminum profile production process


The main production technology of thermal break aluminum profile production line in China is rolling impaction method.  No matter imported or domestic equipment, adopt three steps production process, which means teeth forming, strip feeding and rolling. Or some manufacturers study two steps production process, make the teeth forming and strip feeding done in the same production line.  The working principle is the same for both methods.


The production process for thermal break aluminum profiles is following

Load Aluminum profile on the working platform →film sticking →teeth forming→ strip feeding→ rolling→ or feed polyurethane foam into the insulation chamber→ packaging


1  The first process is to test the surface quality and dimension tolerance of aluminum profile, inner and outer aluminum profile can be anodizing or electrostatic powder coated treatment,  also can be different color. Through the thermal bridge connection, the inside and outside two colors aluminum window and doors can be got.


2 The second process is stick protective film. The main function is to protect the surface quality of aluminum profile in the processing and moving.


3 The teeth forming is key process, make two inner walls of aluminum profiles rolled for jagged teeth. Feed the strip into the teeth channel of aluminum profile, fasten them together.


Teeth channel depth is not specified in Domestic market. But in the industry standard GB/T building thermal break aluminum alloy standard, there is specification for the tensile strength and shear strength.


4 Strip feeding and rolling processes are important process. Strip feeding is to feed EPDM strip into the teeth channel of aluminum profile. Then through the rolling machine, make the aluminum extrusion profiles and Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer o other materials strip rolled together


5 The process of feeding PU foam into insulation chamber is for foam thermal break aluminum profile. Put aluminum profile into the two group metering mixer; pour the PU foam into the insulated cavity of aluminum profile for the natural foaming by mixing nozzle.


PU is the polyurethane for short, whose thermal conductivity is very low. It has super acoustical property, electrical property and chemical resistance property. The foam insulated aluminum profile had the double insulation effect and it is suitable for cold area.


6 Packaging is final process, can be packed by plastic bag or wrapping packaging by paper.  The main function is to avoid the damage and scratch in the transportation and processing.


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