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Aluminium profile polishing machine operation rules and maintenance


Starting up and ready for work

1. Check the power supply, make sure electric voltage is normal, electrical equipment components are normal and no out of the way before starting up, startup the dust collector.


2. stir the polishing wheel to check the direction of main shaft movement is correct or not, startup the worktable empty running for one circle to check the running smoothly.


3 Open the top cover and pour into the proper liquid wax as there is no air pressure in the pressure tank.  Make sure no leakage for the wax of each pipe, open the main air pipe, and adjust the air pressure and keep 5.5KG-7KG pressure.


4. Adjust the height and length of the workbench positioning sliding block. The height of positioning sliding block should be lower than profile polishing height about 5mm, the length should be longer than profiles about 20mm, that can ensure the enough space for thermal expansion elongation coefficient as aluminum profile is polished.



5. Start polishing wheels, the polishing medium (solid wax) need to be covered on the surface or click the automatic wax spray button as the polishing wheel turn, spray the liquid wax according to the technical effect request.


6. Workbench preparation before the operation, adjust the height between main machine base and profile surface in the workbench, as per motor current for the reference value, the running value is about 20-27A, adjust the workbench running speed, the speed is set generally as 10-13m/m (depend on the surface oxide thickness, the thicker oxide thickness, the slower the running speed of workbench).


7. The first group polishing wheel can be started as two polishing wheels contact the profile surface.


Polishing procedure principle, the first time is primary polishing step, which means the wax will be overlaid evenly on the aluminum profile surface.  The second time is the finish polishing; the cloth wheels will polish the aluminum profile surface overlaid with the wax.  The third time is mirror polishing procedure; the cloth wheels will clean the wax liquid on the aluminum profile surface after polished, then the aluminum profile can get the mirror glossy effect.


The workbench change and unload profile, the machine must be stopped when the workbench leave the working wheels, otherwise, due to the rotation of cloth wheels, that can make the profiles fly out from the workbench, which will cause the workers hurt and aluminum profiles damaged.  The operation workers must wear clean gloves, handle with care to avoid the aluminum profile marked or scratched and damaged.


To avoid the unnecessary loss, the aluminum profile that need polished should be polished within 72 hours after the extrusion,  and then make the chemical processing within 24 hours after the polished.


Polishing equipment maintenance:  The dust collector bag needs to be cleaned one time each week.  The machine surface needs to be cleaned with wax solvent one time each month and the polishing workshop need to be clean for the dust everyday.  All bearings of polishing machine need to add grease every 10 days and the polishing machine adjusting location column need to add grease every week.


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