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Laser marking technology application in aluminum extrusion industry for ID mark


With the development of science and technology, it is a trend that the laser marking machine take over the ink inject printer in aluminum extrusion industry.


Laser marking technology application in aluminum extrusion profiles for ID mark


At the first state, aluminum industry use inject printer on the aluminum extrusion profiles surface for ID mark to avoid anti- counterfeit,   but this method has the following shortcomings


1.It is not a permanent mark

2.need often clean the pipe because of the stuck of printer head

3. Lots of consumptive material will be needed in the production and the cost is very high.


Laser marking:  mark company name and logo in the aluminium extrusion profiles by laser, reducing the small manufacturers’ anti-counterfeit greatly.  It got good market report as the machines enter into the market.


aluminium profile ID mark


Processing technology for aluminum profiles

The Mill finished profiles can be extruded from round aluminum billets, they can be anodized directly or electrophoresis after sand blasting or shot blasting or without the sand blasting or shot blasting, or powder coated after chromising.


Laser marking machine made a permanent mark that can not erased.  The mark can be got through the aluminum profile surface instant gasification by the laser. It is easily recognized by the eye without any auxiliary tools, which is convenient for the identification by the customers. 


No need consumptive materials, easy for the maintenance.  The laser marking machine break through the standardization and singleness, create a new coding way.  Through laser marking machine, it can give more prominence to the products characteristics and brand difference, improve the Competitive power in the market. At the same time, it can shorten aluminum profiles products cycle; provide a powerful tool for the flexible fulfillment


As the electronic technology development, the laser and computer technology can be combined organically.  The user make the programming in the computer (company name or logo), the mark can be got on the surface by laser.


Laser marking machine can make the clear mark on several materials or irregular surfaces, with double marks by one time or tally mark features, difficult to imitate. 

alumininium extrusion profile ID mark


The laser can be formed very fine light beam, the minimum width in the aluminium profile surface can be 0.1mm, and this can create a broad space for the precision processing and anti-counterfeit.


The laser marking machine can not only mark a complex text, graphics, images, logo design, bar codes, two-dimension code, product serial number, signature etc, but also the graphics and text displayed on the screen can immediately mark on the aluminum extrusion profiles surface.


The laser marking machine can improve the appearance of aluminum profile and branding effect, strengthen the competitive power of aluminum profiles in the market.


Laser marking technology application in aluminum extrusion industry for ID mark