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What is the main difference between shot blasting machine and sand blasting machine?


The main difference is working principle between shot blasting machine and sand blasting machine


The shot blasting machine shot the steel ball by the centrifugal force of impellers in high speed rotation.  But the sand blasting machine blasts the glass sand through the compressed air.


Shot blasting machine feature is small energy consumption, high working efficiency.  For the same working pieces, the energy consumption of shot blasting machine is only one-tenth of sand blasting machine and the shot blasting quantity of one set of 15KW shot blasting machine is equivalent to the sand blasting quantity of eight pieces 8mm caliber sand blasting machine.


For the application fields, the shot blasting is in general fixed and it is not good to process the complex bore working pieces. Sand blasting machine is flexible and it is convenient for the sand blasting machine to process the big working pieces or complex surface working pieces.


Sand blasting processing is sparing the abrasive in high speed to the surface of working pieces. The purpose is cleaning the surface oxidized layer and rust ETC to improve the quality of surface appearance.  Shot blasting processing is shot blast the metal working piece surface by hard particles (in general steel ball) in high speed, the purpose is improving the fatigue strength of metal surface.


The tools for both treatment processes are different and the medium are also different.  The medium for both treatment processes can be recycled and reused.


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What is the main difference between shot blasting machine and sand blasting machine?