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In-Depth Information about dross processing


Dross Processing introduction and description: Aluminum will be recovered from aluminum dross, which is a by-product that generated from aluminium melting furnace during normal melt processing. Dross contains aluminum ranging from 15 to 80 percent entrained with other metal oxide impurities formed during the melting process, including chloride, fluoride, and aluminum oxides. In dross processing, the aluminum will be recovered from the hot dross either mechanically or by adding salts during the melting process. The recovered aluminum may be returned to a customer through a tolling relationship—as molten metal or RSI


Note: RSI is remelt secondary ingot. Aluminum scrap is recycled into an intermediate product without a specific chemical composition. Independent fabricators, the large integrated companies, commonly use this technique, as do companies that melt scrap or dross to produce RSI or molten metal that is used in their plants for direct processing or sold in the market


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