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Processing of hot aluminum dross in India

 Processing of hot aluminum slag in India


It is reported that the aluminum dross generated in aluminum industry is about 5 million tons in the world, but only half can be processed to recover aluminum from aluminum dross. 


In the past, the aluminum dross recovery method has the following disadvantages

1 .Low recovery rate

2. Terrible environmental pollution

3. Heavy working strength, harmful to the health

4. High energy consumption


Now the aluminum recovery rate is increased to 90% with new technology and improvement from 30% of decades ago.


To avoid the aluminum oxidation and aluminum burning after the skimming, we need to cool aluminum dross quickly.


India is expanding its aluminum scrap recycling industry, whose production capacity is at least 1.2 million tons per year, while India primary aluminum production capacity is more than 1 million tons per year.  In the next five years, India aluminum scrap recycling capacity and primary aluminum production capacity will be doubled.


Melting aluminum scrap means more aluminum dross will be generated, in general, it is about 10% aluminum loss.  So In India, it is more thant 120,000.00 tons aluminum loss each year.


For primary aluminum industry, the aluminum loss is about 1-2%, it is more than 15,000.00 tons aluminum loss each year.

It is really important to recover and recycle aluminum from aluminum dross in India based on the existing situation.


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Processing of hot aluminum dross in India
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