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Aluminum dross use and aluminum dross composition


Aluminum dross machine


Aluminum dross is the product that slag generated in electrolytic aluminium or cast aluminum production process by cooling and machining. Main content is aluminum (15%-20%), aluminum oxide and silicon dioxide


Aluminum dross composition will vary from different sources


Electrolytic aluminium dross

w(Al)25.58, w(Al2O3)31.55, w(SiO2)5.56, w(Na2O)2~3, w(MgO)2.0~3.0,  w(CaO)<2.00, w(FeO)+ w(MnO)<1.0


Cast aluminum dross

w(Al)10, w(Al2O3)50~60, w(SiO2)3.0~5.0, w(Na2O)1.0~1.5  w(MgO)2.0~3.0, w(CaO)1. 5~3.0, w(FeO)+ w (MnO)<1.0


The use of aluminum dross can recover aluminum metal from the aluminum dross; another use is as smelting furnace desulfurization.

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