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Aluminum dross processing machine

working procedure


The hot aluminum dross generated from the  aluminum melting furnace will be loaded into the dross trolley, move to the dross processing machine and will be putted into the aluminum dross processing machine pot through the lifting system.  Stirring fully by the stirrer, the liquid aluminum will go down the bottom of aluminum dross machine, will be formed aluminum ingot in the ingot mould through the discharging device.  Alumina and the impurity will be exhausted by the upper ash discharging port.  The harmful gas and floaters generated in the stirring will be sent to the whirlwind dust collector by air blower.  The exhaust gas will be sent into the air after the water spraying dust elimination purification device. , that can meet the requirement of environmental friendly.


Main features for dross processing machine working procedure


*Mechanical stirring, fully stirring, improve working efficiency


*The separation result is great, improve the aluminum recovery rate


*Adopting whirlwind dust elimination and water spraying dust elimination, the purification of exhaust gas is good, no pollution


*Simple operation and easy maintenance


*No need any fuel, make full use of the heat energy in the hot aluminum dross, low processing cost


*Competitive price and the rate of return of investment are good.


Aluminum dross processing machine can be used for aluminum hot dross or zinc hot dross recovery.

Aluminum dross processing machine working procedure