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Aluminum dross processing machine can be used aluminum recovery from aluminum dross and aluminum slag generated from the melting
* Small investment, big processing capacity.  500kgs-2600kgs per hour processing capacity
* Low production cost
* High recovery rate, aluminum dross processing recovery rate can be more than 90%
*No pollution, whirlwind dust collector can avoid the pollution and meet the requirement for the environmental-friendly.
* Simple processing operation:  our aluminum dross processing machine need simple
operation,  adding the aluminum dross into the dross machine, after the stirring by the stirrer of dross processing machine, can separate aluminum from the dross.  In the middle of process, no need manual operation, saving time and saving labor, simple production process and easy operation.
*The aluminum that processed from dross can be used for the melting.  Aluminum dross can be used as the materials of aluminium chloride series reagent , which can make full use of aluminum dross.  Or aluminum dross can be sold to the subcontractor for the processing or aluminum dross can be joint materials that replaced ice stone for the raw materials of electrolytic aluminium.
Our aluminum dross processing machine, your best choice.