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Aluminum dross recovery system


Recovering aluminum from hot aluminum dross and aluminum slag


Aluminum dross recovery machine


The situation of aluminum dross recovery system in the past

1 .Low recovery rate

The most aluminum factories add separating agent into the melting furnace and skim aluminum ashes, stirring the aluminum dross with pricker, recovering the aluminum from the dross as the molten aluminum flow down the ground and get solidified.  The rest aluminum will be sold to aluminum dross processing company with the aluminum dross.  The recovered aluminum that flow down the ground can only share 10% of the total aluminum dross.


2. Terrible environmental pollution

The aluminum dross processing company uses hammer to break into piece, pricker for the stirring, sieve for the sieving by labor to recover the aluminum from the dross furthest, which causes a lot  of dust and pollutes the environment seriously.


 3. Heavy working strength, harmful to the health

The workers need to stir the dross with the pricker and move the dross trolley by labor after the skimming.  It is heavy working strength and in the high temperature liquid aluminum and aluminum dross situation, it is easy to get the hurt in the operation.

4. High energy consumption

In order to recover aluminum from the aluminum dross in hot condition, many factories use crucible melting furnace to heat the aluminum dross, stir the dross after they add separating agent, then get the aluminum from the dross.  The heating process will consume some energy and labors.

Aluminum dross processing innovation

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Our aluminum dross processing machine working principle

Aluminum melting principle

1.Aluminum melting point is 660℃ light alloy.   When the temperature of aluminum gets more than 660℃, all aluminum will become liquid aluminum and can be separated from the dross and slag.

 2. Working principle: the dross processing machine is designed on the basis of the difference of physical property and specific gravity between the solid materials and liquid materials.

 3.  Advantages:

* Recover aluminum from the dross on the site, economical and environment-friendly.

* No need for any fuel in the whole process

* To reduce the dirt, smog pollution problem with dirt and smoke ventilation equipment.

* Automatic mechanical operation, no harmful to the operator’s health.

* High efficiency for recycling rate (91% of aluminum from the slag), short working time  

 4.    Equipment and machines

 Aluminum dross processing machine and dust collector

The loading capacity can be 150 to 650kgs depending on aluminum dross processing machine models.

Aluminum dross recovery system