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Aluminium dross recycling and aluminium profile surface treatment solution provider!

Since its establishment in 1998, Foshan Brightstar Aluminum Machinery Co., Ltd has became a well-known and highly-professional Company in China specialized in aluminium dross processing machine, aluminium dross cooling machine, aluminum polishing machine, aluminum slag processing machine, aluminum brushing machine, aluminum sandblasting machine, aluminum melting furnace and aluminum wood grain machine.


Our products are as the following, aluminium dross processing machine,, aluminum dross reclaiming machine, aluminum dross recycling machine, thermal break aluminum profile production machine, aluminum log heating furnace, aluminium straightening machine, aluminum die heating furnace, aluminum sawing machine, aluminum packaging machine, aluminum dross recovery machine, aluminum dross separator, aluminum dross pulverizer, aluminum dross grinding machine, aluminium scrap rotary kiln, molten metal transfer ladles, degassing machine, aluminium billet cutting saw, aluminum dross sieving machine, aluminum dross cooling machine, cutting machine, aluminum sand blasting machine, aluminum shot blasting machine, aluminum shape correction machine, aluminum profiles puller,  anodizing production line, powder coated production line, aluminum melting furnace, aluminum polishing machine, aluminum dross processing equipment and the auxiliary equipment.


From aluminum dross processing machine to aluminum auxiliary equipment, we can offer our professional aluminum dross machine and aluminum polishing machine and one stop service for you. If you take us as your supplier, we can not only offer our high quality aluminum machines for you, we can also act as your consultant and providers of high additional added value service.


High quality, satisfied service, fast lead time and reasonable price are our principles. Join us and feel our principles.


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