Classify aluminium dross

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Classify aluminium dross

Classify aluminium dross

Classify aluminium dross

Classify aluminium dross

Aluminium dross identification methods

How to classify aluminium dross

Aluminium dross is a mass of solid impurities floating on molten metal.

As aluminium metal melting point is 660℃, which is low-melting-point, so it will be formed on the surface in aluminum melting or alloys by oxidation of the aluminum 

Here are four identification methods

1. Aluminium dross generated source, which means melting furnace type, such as the reverberatory furnace, rotary furnace, holding furnace.

2. Salt compounds content in aluminium dross, how much and what kind of salt compound flux.

3. Aluminium content in aluminium dross, how much aluminium content is in the dross before aluminium dross processing.

4. Shapes of aluminium dross, what are the dimensions and shapes of aluminum dross?

For example, Big block of aluminum dross or thin piece of aluminum dross, aluminum slagging or block aluminum dross

According to melting furnace materials and melting process differences, there will be different aluminium dross or aluminium slag, we call them black dross or white dross from the color.

Classify aluminium dross, here are the most popular methods. 

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