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Aluminum dross processing analysis

Aluminum dross processing analysis

Aluminum dross processing analysis

aluminum slag and ash processing analysis


For small quantity and discontinuous dross processing.

Lower price and easy and convenient operation.

The above aluminum dross processing machines have the same working principle, stirring and separating in hot dross condition, reduce aluminum burning lost, increase aluminium recovery rate and save the fuel energy.


At the same time, we designed and developed cold dross recovery and recycled system based on some factories can not real-time processing for the hot dross.  Obsolete the primary operation way, it is environmental-friendly and reduce the labor, can process mass dross.

We can design aluminum dross processing system according to the customer request.


The dross after the dross separating by aluminium dross processing machine and the cold dross without dross processing can be done by ball mill, sieving, crucible melting furnace melting, then the aluminum metal will be recovered completely.  The enclosed whole system can be designed for the environmental protection. 


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Aluminum dross processing analysis