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600MT aluminum extrusion press

600MT aluminum extrusion press

 Aluminum extrusion press 

Aluminum extrusion press name
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Aluminum extrusion press introduction
Aluminum Extrusion Press is four-column horizontal structure hydraulic press, which is specialized in producing aluminum building profiles and aluminum industry profiles
Aluminum extrusion press main part and materials
*Brightstar extrusion press take new cast steel work frame and it will be painted in green after the assembling to make the equipment appearance look nice. With mechanical feeding hand, sliding mold base, cutting tools with device that hold down the rest. Extrusion bar and extrusion handle separate each other. 
*The main electrical machinery takes 2 sets of 55kw electrical machinery, coming from Guangzhou electrical machinery factory. Main oil pump takes 1 sets 160 L column electric regulating pump, coming from Kweiyang. Assistant oil pump takes 2 sets of 200 lamina pump, 1 set of 125 lamina pump, coming from Guangdong hydraulic parts factory.
*Oil circuit control adopts optimized design, main oil cylinder takes using of Logic Valves, which makes performance and pressure of the main cylinder more stable. The hydraulic oil adopts plate heat exchanger for circulating cooling
*All hydraulic components come from Jeou Gang Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd of Taiwan.
Aluminum extrusion press from 600T-3000T and we can have the tailor-made the machine for our customers.

Main cylinder:                35# casting steel

Main plunger:                 chilled casting iron

Front plate:                     35# casting steel  

Dies sliding base:            45# forging steel

Butterfly plate:               35# casting steel

Connecting pipe:             45# forging steel  

Temperature conservation part: 35# casting steel

Container:                           5crmnmo

Container liner:               H13 forging

Stem:                             H13 forging

Extruding part:               H13 forging

Bottom shelf:          35# steel and steel plate welding


 Aluminum extrusion press feature

Good appearance, High automatic, sound structure, convenient operation and clear. All procedures are automatic control with the pressure system and PLC computer controlling system, assisting in order motion, continual motion, self motion to avoid the urgent stop and temporary stop. Good safety performance, fast speed, stable action


Aluminum extrusion press technical data

Diameter of main cylinder plunger:      580mm

Diameter of side cylinder plunger:      140mm*2

Diameter of container plunger:         160mm*4

Diameter of shear plunger:            140mm

Total extrusion strength:            210kg/cm2                  638ton

Main cylinder extrusion:           210kg/cm2                   554ton

Side cylinder extrusion:            210kg/cm2                    84 ton

Container lock-up:                       200/kg /cm2                   38 ton

Shear:             160/kg/ cm2             17 t


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