Aluminium dross processing types

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Aluminium dross processing types

Aluminium dross processing types

Aluminium dross processing type

Aluminium dross processing type

What is aluminium dross processing types?

Aluminium dross processing type can be on-site processing or off-site processing

On-site processing

In this process, aluminium dross is skimmed from the molten aluminium of the melting furnace, then it is transferred directly to the hot aluminium dross processing machine or rotary furnace for recovery.

The equipment uses the hot dross thermit reaction of aluminium metal and the Al metal is separated from the oxides by means of specific gravity and agitation.

The recovered aluminium metal is either cast into the ingots or the liquid metal is fed directly to the smelting furnaces.

Following are the challenges associated with this process,

☆Relatively low metal recovery as some metal is used as fuel.

☆The unstable process encourages Al Metal thermit.

☆Specialized Equipment requires more maintenance

Off-site processing

The off-site processing of aluminium dross is the most commonly done practice in the world.

In this practice, the processor removes the dross from the smelter’s premises and takes it to the processing facility.

Aluminium dross from the smelter is taken on the following 2 bases.

The processor buys the dross

The processor takes the dross on a tooling basis i.e. the metal goes back to the smelter.

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Here are aluminium dross processing types

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