Aluminium dross machine delivery for India customer

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Aluminium dross machine delivery for India customer

Aluminium dross machine delivery for India customer

Aluminium dross machine delivery for India customer

Aluminium dross machine delivery for India customer

Dated on 8th October 2021, completed the loading of aluminium dross machine for one India aluminium alloys factory. 

Many thanks to our valued customer support!

Well done, Brightstar!

Aluminium dross, a byproduct of the aluminium smelting process and an unavoidable mixture of metallic aluminium, aluminium-oxide and oxides of numerous alloying elements, have been finding their way to landfills for years.

In the past decades, aluminium industry came to realize its significance as a secondary source of metal.

Aluminium dross recycling maintains the sustainable development of the industry.

Today, rising pollution, too much energy loss and natural resource waste have raised a red flag that no industry can afford to overlook.

The stakes are way too high and ignoring the effects can cost the industry its very existence.

Many of Brightstar customers started considering aluminium dross recycling primarily keeping these sustainability issues in mind

Here are the advantages of aluminium dross recovery

  • To reduce metal content in waste
  • To reduce energy consumption in aluminium production
  • To reduce fluoride emissions in aluminium production
  • To increase global aluminium UBC recycling targets

Secondly, aluminium dross if left untreated interferes with the natural microbial activity in the waste and ignites or pyrolysis surrounding solid waste materials.

Chemical reactions involving aluminium can also release large amounts of highly toxic and/or flammable gases which can aggravate pollution manifold.

Extract aluminium from aluminium dross through aluminium dross recovery machine has huge social and economical benefits, which can not only improve aluminum recovery rate, increase the profit, but also reduce the smoke and gas pollution, reduce the work strength.

Our hot aluminium dross recycling machine beneftis

1. Recover aluminum from the dross on the site, economical and environment-friendly.

2. To reduce the dirt, smoke pollution problem with dirt and smoke ventilation equipment.

3. Automatic mechanical operation, not harmful to the operator’s health.

4. Separating aluminum from the dross by one time

5. High recovery rate from the dross (90%)

6. Short working time (10-15 minutes per run)

7.No need for any fuel in the dross processing

8. Low energy consumption

9. Mechanical stirring, stirring fully, improve working efficiency

10. Simple operation and easy maintenance

Contact us now to obtain a reliable no-obligation quote on your aluminium dross recovery!

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