Aluminium dross composition

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Aluminium dross composition

Aluminium dross composition

Aluminium dross composition

Aluminium dross composition

Aluminium dross is a mass of solid impurities floating on molten metal in the production process of electrolytic aluminium or aluminium melting.

As aluminium metal melting point is 660℃, which is the low melting point, so it will be formed on the surface in aluminium melting or alloys by oxidation of the aluminium.

Aluminium dross main content is aluminium (15%-20%), aluminium oxide and silicon dioxide.

Aluminium dross composition will vary from different sources

Electrolytic aluminium dross

w(Al)25.58, w(Al2O3)31.55, w(SiO2)5.56, w(Na2O)2~3, w(MgO)2.0~3.0,  w(CaO)<2.00, w(FeO)+ w(MnO)<1.0

Melting aluminum dross

w(Al)10, w(Al2O3)50~60, w(SiO2)3.0~5.0, w(Na2O)1.0~1.5  w(MgO)2.0~3.0, w(CaO)1. 5~3.0, w(FeO)+ w (MnO)<1.0

Primary aluminium dross and secondary aluminium dross

According to the aluminium content in aluminium dross, it can be divided into primary aluminium dross and secondary aluminium dross.

Primary aluminium dross is white aluminium dross generated by electrolytic aluminium plants, which generally contains metallic aluminium, alumina, silica and other metal oxides.

Secondary aluminium dross is the aluminium dross generated during the production of aluminium products, the color is generally dark gray.

Since the application of metal aluminium is generally used as an alloy product, the composition of aluminium dross produced in the process of remelting aluminium ingot to prepare the alloy is different from that of the primary aluminium dross.

Due to the different production processes and raw materials, the composition of secondary aluminium dross is quite different from that of primary aluminium dross.

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