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Aluminium dross recycling technology

Aluminium dross recycling technology

Aluminium dross recycling technology 


New technology of recycling aluminium dross


New technology of recycling aluminium dross


Aluminium dross generated from aluminum melting and old aluminum dross processing way


The aluminium industry produces millions tonnes of aluminium dross each year in the worldwide, The aluminium dross is the by-products produced from aluminium melting, Aluminium dross product is not entirely waste material, which can be recycled or can be used in secondary steelmaking for slag deoxidation. Black (which has a much higher salt content) and white dross will be disposed of in landfill, The poisonous metal element(Se,As,Ba,Cd,Cr,Pb Etc) in the aluminum dross may cause heavy metal pollution if they go into the soil and groundwater system, the salt of the salt cake gather in the soil can cause salinization, contacting with water will produce ammonia, hydrogen and methane, which can cause fire; the impurities such as arsenic and arsenide aluminum will have the reaction with water to product arsine gas, after gathering in the production sites , which not only pollute the air, but also cause acute arsine poisoning to the close contacts.


The aluminum dross generated each year is great amount in the worldwide, the storing occupies the land and it is harmful. On the other hand, there is lots of aluminum and alumina in the aluminum dross, can be renewable resources.  Aluminum recovery rate is low in the aluminum dross processing, high energy consumption in the past.


The requirement for new aluminum dross recycling technology


All these required one new aluminium dross processing technology to dramatically reduce land filling of furnace waste and recover saleable products.


Aluminum dross processing machine using can reduce the workers working strength, improve the recovery rate of aluminum metal, and protect the environment, so it is favorite choice by recycled aluminum industry.


The aluminium dross processing machine has been developed by aluminium dross recovery and recycling Machine Company Brightstar Aluminum Machinery Co., Ltd based on many years melting and casting practice


Aluminum dross recycling effect


Developed as part of a major waste minimisation initiative backed by the Government and industry, the new aluminium dross processing method makes it economically viable to treat residual waste left after conventional recycling, offering cost savings and environmental benefits. It provides the primary aluminium industry with more choice of what to do with their waste products and because these waste products can be converted in saleable commodities these savings can be saved from the cost of production.


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