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Aluminium dross cooling machine

Aluminium dross cooling machine

Aluminium dross cooling machine, aluminum dross cooling system


Aluminium dross cooling machine description

Aluminum dross cooling machine is one necessary tool in the aluminum dross processing and aluminum dross recovery.  Aluminum dross cooling is also one important procedure in the dross processing of aluminum recovery field, which is important guarantee for the increasing of aluminum recovery rate.   So, aluminum dross cooling machine plays important role in the dross recovery factories.


Aluminium dross cooling machine function

The main function of aluminum dross sieving and cooling machine is to cool the hot dross generated from rotary furnace by water spraying and drenching, to sieve the dross in the grade.  It plays important role to increase the aluminum recovery rate in the dross processing.


Aluminium dross cooling machine advantages

Our aluminium dross cooling machine can cool the 700---900℃ hot dross to normal temperature in the shortest time, which can avoid the high temperature aluminum dross burning and oxidization. The economic benefit arising from the dross cooling machine is very clear through the increasing the aluminum recovery rate.


Aluminium dross cooling machine technical parameters

*Dross Sieving cooling machine size: φ1220mm×10000mm

*Dross cooling machine processing capacity: 1.5-2T/H

*Dross cooling machine rotating speed:

*Cooling tank rotating speed: 0-8 r/min

*Sieving tank rotating speed: 0-25 r/min

 *Installed capacity: 18KW

  Dross cooling tank: 5.5KW*1

  Dross sieving tank: 3KW*1

 Water pump: 1.5KW*2=3KW (one working one backup)

*Design environmental air volume: 10000.00SQ/H

*Cooling water volume: 15-20 m³/ h

* Processed aluminum dross grade grain

40-80 mesh, (40-80) mesh toφ8mm, more thanφ8mm.   The aluminum content in the 80 mesh aluminum dross is less than 3%.


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