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Aluminium dross recycling system

Aluminium dross recycling system

Aluminium dross recycling machinery 


 Aluminum dross recycling system, aluminum dross recovery system

 Recycled aluminium (secondary aluminium, regenerated aluminium) industry developed very quickly in recent years.  Recycled aluminium project will be set up in the recycled resource pilot projects across the country.  Aluminium dross quantity generated in recycled aluminium industry will be shared 15-20% of feed materials for the melting. How to process the aluminium dross to maximize the profit and minimize the pollution is the key problem for the recycled aluminum factories. 


Check the dross cooling machine operaiton now!


 Aluminium dross recycling machine + aluminium dross cooling machine, the complete aluminum dross recycling system and aluminum dross recovery system. 


Aluminum dross recycling machine using can reduce the workers working strength, improve the recovery rate of aluminum metal, and protect the environment, so it is favorite choice by recycled aluminum industry.


Aluminum dross cooling machine is also one important procedure in the dross processing of aluminum recovery field, which is important guarantee for the increasing of aluminum recovery rate.


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